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  • 1. Green Champion Its not easy being Green Kermit the Frog Preserving Affordable Housing through Energy Conservation, 1April 14, 2010

2. Be a Champion even if you arent an expert Transform the owners role from teamcoordinator to team builder + leader2 3. The Time is Now Recognition of urgencyConcerns about green housegases,climate impact,national securityAvailability of funding , newheightened appreciationfor energy efficiency 3 4. When can we improve efficiency? Major renovation Capital Needs Work Unit Turnover Ongoing Operations4 5. Energy- Energy-Efficiency is about Higher Performance Requires careful designand qualityconstruction Ongoing vigilance,opportunities5 6. Quality = Performance 19 17 1513*Includes Framing, 11Wiring, and9Pipes 75Rated R-value "BestTypicalPractice*" Installation*Effective R-value of InsulationCourtesy of Conservation Services Group 6 7. How do we start? Start with an Energy Audit Benchmark your property Then set performance goals Courtesy of New Ecology, Inc. + HRI 7 8. What are the hurdles to getting it right? 1. Capital Costs 2. Split Incentives 3. Muddled Information 4. Lots of People, Interactions, and Time8 9. 1. Capital Costs Projects have limited budgets Owners/lenders concerned morewith first costs than operating costs First costs: More clearly understood, more predictable Operating costs/savings: Behavior dependent, unit price fluctuation9 10. 2. Split Incentives Owners may not pay for utilities May have little financialincentive to invest in allconservation opportunities Example: If dont pay for in-unitin-electricity, why pay extra forefficient refrigerator?10 11. What financial tools can we use? Availability of rebates, grants, taxincentives, favorable financing Energy Performance Contracting withESCOs (Energy Service Companies) Synergistic opportunities to save even more11 12. 3. Muddled Information How is a buildings energy and water being used? What equipment , products should I use? Newest options have limited track record When many changes made simultaneously, how to assign savings or problems?12 13. How to get useful data Submetering Energy Mgmt Systems BIM Software Seek operating info in decision- decision-making process Performance Testing Growing body of best practices info 13 14. 4. People/Interactions/Time Many people affect how a buildingperforms: Design Team Installer, Construction Team Maintenance, Cleaners Repair Vendors Occupants Replacement parts supplier Frequent occupancy + staff changes 14 15. Feedback Loop + Integrated Design Process Better communication enables betterperformance Otherwise, we can undo the work ofothers15 16. Other Communication Tools Train all contractors, subs Performance testing Commissioning of work16 17. How to Maintain Efficiency Review usage data regularly Standardize green practices Checklists for inspection, turnover,preventative maintenance Purchasing protocol central system forportfolio Stock supply room with preferred parts Get O+M manuals, training fromcontractor Update CNA, seek higher performance17 18. Tools for Residents Familiarize residents with equipment, goals Share usage data Solicit feedback re: construction &maintenance satisfaction survey Incentivize residents Organize conservation events 18 19. Green Champion "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.-Margaret MeadThank you. Shelly Dein, Sustainability Consultant 617-834-500619

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