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    Real Estate Mobile App DevelopmentA New Way Forward?

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    In the past few years, demand for real estate investment and supporting infrastructure has increased exponentially. In emerging economies, heavy migration to the cities and growing middle class population are creating a frantic need for more urban real estate. On the other hand, in advanced countries, the cities are also growing at a consistent pace.

    However, the real estate industry still lags behind other industries in terms of innovation, related to adopting and advancing technology. There is a tremendous opportunity for tech innovators to enter the market and transform everything ranging from how a transaction is done to how critical information is accessed.

    Real estate agencies that will adapt to the technological innovation will survive. The changing scenario and evolving consumer needs will require new approaches towards real estate. Companies need to respond to the shifting conditions and seize new opportunities.

    Property managers are looking to collaborate with vendors, banks, tenants & buyers, and real estate managers are looking to facilitate the buying and selling process. Also, managing leads is on top of the list. Companies today need a single solution that empowers stakeholders.

    Additionally, companies also realize the need for technology solutions that significantly improves the level of interaction with customers, while at the same time increases productivity and reduces operational costs.

    Real Estate Mobile App DevelopmentA New Way Forward?

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    Mobile App Development Solutions: Empowering the Real Estate Industry

    Real Estate Mobile apps can help agents and property managers to connect with customers on the go, as well as effective management of leads. From cloud computing to social networks, clients want real estate agents to make optimum use of technology. Mobile apps enable advanced features such as social sharing and document management which result in improved efficiency.

    Real estate professionals are always on the move. Brokers, agents, landlords, and developers are visiting properties with clients. Apps allow agents and managers to view and showcase the property on their smart devices, as well as provide easy access to data such as space details, appointments, reports and other inputs required for capturing and tracking lead status.

    Adopting more advanced technology is rapidly becoming an imperative. Enterprise level organization needs to have a streamlined big data strategy along with advanced analytics that provides insights for strategic planning and decision making.

    On the other hand, companies at a relatively nascent level of adoption need to understand the value proposition of each of these technologies.

    Analyze and align technology needs with that of the tenants.Assess value proposition of new technologies.Narrow down on the required systems, keeping scalability and

    responsiveness in mind.

    Real Estate Mobile App DevelopmentA New Way Forward?

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    Real estate companies need to be updated of new advancements in technology and ramp up adoption on a regular basis.

    Here are few ways businesses can leverage technology to generate optimum results and make business more interactive, responsive and transformative:

    Location-based Applications: Provide users turn-by-turn directions to open houses and home showings. Real estate apps can collect data and suggest listing in a given neighborhood.

    Voice Recognition Software: Great tool to walk a client through home with phone. The phones GPS knows exact location of client and provides access to the square footage or testimonials from the homeowner.

    Property Management: This area seems to generate lots of opportunity for growth. Several companies are competing in this category to offer technology solutions that helps property owners and management companies oversee and easily track commercial real estate assets.

    Research and Analytics: Gone are the primitive days when commercial real estate developers with teams of analysts would gather demographic research to decide the merits of an investment opportunity. This pool of information is available via SaaS licenses.

    Listing Services: Opportunity for tech-enabled commercial listing services that could replace the less efficient relationship-driven model.

    Real Estate Mobile App DevelopmentA New Way Forward?

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    Cloud: The ability to store data in cloud-based apps is helping agents keep track of clients, notes and files, like contracts and disclosures.

    FinallyThe sheer magnitude of the real estate industry is a cornerstone of technical innovation and mobility. But to continue this journey of progression, increased investment and innovation in technology is paramount. Are you ready to take the leap?

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    Real Estate Mobile App DevelopmentA New Way Forward?