Real Estate Advertising Ideas for the Holidays

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<p>Real Estate Agent Reviews</p> <p>Real Estate Advertising Ideas for the Holidays</p> <p>Start with a card.Apply a personal touch with a thoughtful, handwritten note .</p> <p>Go with a classic.Traditional flyers, brochuresand direct mail with a seasonal theme still work.</p> <p>Craft a special edition of yournewsletter.Offer holiday-related tips, articles and photos.</p> <p>Invite contacts to engage online.Sponsor an online raffle or post seasonal messages on your social media channels.</p> <p>Give something away.The holidays lend themselves well to branded promotional tchotchkes and giveaways.</p> <p>Throw a party.A festive get-together helps keep you top of mind with clients.</p> <p>Encourage communitystewardship.Be a donation collection point and urge local residents to give this season.</p> <p>Discover 10 facts thatcan helpyou generate more off-season leads.</p> <p>Get the guide</p>