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  • Property Management Virtual Assistants (PMVA)

    Our dedicated virtual staff will allow you to manage more homes for

    less money 1-877-820-6522

  • Your day with a Virtual Assistant

    We Complete the Busy Work For You

    Time is Money Benjamin Franklin 1-877-820-6522

    Admin. Tasks25%

    Repair Request20%

    Marketing Tasks10%

    Client Interaction20%

    New Business


    Your Day Currently

    Client Interaction


    New Business


    VA Mgmt10%

    Admin Tasks35%

    Repair Request




    Mkt. Tasks15%

    Your Tasks

    Assistant TasksBookkeeping


  • How We Integrate 1-877-820-6522

    Sofware Currently

    used by our Property

    Management VAs

    Your Property Management Virtual Assistant

    integrates into your companys operations allowing

    you to customize what tasks you want

    accomplished each day.

    Once your VA is trained on your systems and

    procedures, you will never have to train anyone

    else again!

    + we can be training on any other software!

  • Our Property Management Services

    Daily Activities Noon Dalton

    Operate Property Management Software

    MLS and website property listing management

    Lead generation and management

    Monitor/edit profiles and pages on social media sites

    Manage email marketing, email lists, and subscribers

    Manage mailing campaigns

    Basic accounting and bookkeeping

    Manage and reschedule appointments

    Transcribing messages and routing of repair requests

    Website / blog maintenance and SEO

    Transaction coordination 1-877-820-6522

  • Benefits of Noon Dalton

    Cost Benefits

    No Overhead or Ancillary


    70% Reduced Cost Per

    Hire on Average

    No Contract, Month-to-

    Month Basis

    Hourly Rates Start at $8/hr 1-877-820-6522

    HR Benefits

    No Sick or Vacation Days

    No Tax or Insurance

    No Benefits or Severance


    All Staff are College


    Management Benefits

    Employees Work

    8 hrs/day 6 days/wk

    US Based Working Hours

    Night Shift Options

    Daily Utilization and Task


  • Additional Noon Dalton Services

    Your Logo

    Lead Generation

    General Web/Phone Research


    Recruiting Candidate Sourcing/Screening

    Lead Generation

    Business Process Documentation

    Social Media Management

    Noon Dalton provides a full

    compliment of Standout

    Services to help our clients stay focused on core business


    CRM, News Letter, Contact Management

    Scheduling 1-877-820-6522

    Website Administration

    Customer Service Support

    General Administrative Support

  • Each employees fingerprint is registered with a fingerprint authorization entrance system.

    Fingerprints must be authenticated at the entrance gate before entry. Entrance 1-877-820-6522

    Noon Dalton Security Measures

    Employees are required to sign confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements. Background

    checks are performed by a third party agency.Employees



    Servers &




    No CDs, DVDs, Pen drives, hard drives, etc. are allowed in the facility. A professional security

    agency manually frisks each employee before entering and leaving the premises each day.

    D-Link Switches, D-Link Firewall to block all ports for HTTP, FTP & TCP/IP. All employees are

    assigned individual laptops which uses a Linux operating system. Each Employee must login

    via a RDP service. This allows us to monitor all activity (email, Skype, documents, etc.) and to

    save/backup all activity daily. We utilize a DELL server, which can support more than 100 RDP

    requests. Additionally, we maintain all passwords, credit card details, etc. shared by the client

    is a separate location on the server.

    No CDs, DVDs, Pen drives, hard drives, etc. are allowed in the facility. A professional security

    agency manually frisks each employee before entering and leaving the premises each day.

  • Noon Dalton specializes in providing college educated Virtual Employees (VEs) to

    businesses throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia to reduce Cost

    Per Hire while also improving businesses productivity and growth.

    Over 15 years of outsourcing experience with fortune 100 companies and small businesses

    Served more than 200 clients globally

    New York and Miami based entity w/ operations in India and Philippines

    Experts in training and staff development

    Over 250 full time employees 1-877-820-6522

    About Noon Dalton

  • Headquarters

    Miami382 NE 191st Street

    Suite 39393

    Miami, FL 33179

    New York1562 First Ave

    Suite 205-1151

    New York, NY 10028 1-877-820-6522

    Udaipur, India Cebu, Philippines