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  1. 1. Infinity Caribbean, a consulting firm established by Noel Thompson, presents over 3,600 acres on the southern peninsula of Long Island, Bahamas.
  2. 2. About Long Island, Bahamas Stretching about 85 miles long and the widest point on the island is approximately 4 miles. The tropic of Cancer line runs through Long Island. A towering spine of ancient reef gives Long Island, Bahamas, dramatic cliffs and caves of the east coast that front the crashing Atlantic waves, and the soft, sandy edged lee side which slides calmly into the Bahamas Bank. Long Island is best known for Deans Blue Hole, the deepest recorded blue hole in The Baha- mas (more than 600 feet). Queen's Highway runs for close to 80 miles, through a dozen or more main settlements. With breathtaking beaches and vistas, see why Islands Magazine recently named Long Island one of the 10 best islands in the world to live on. Long Island is historically known to be one of Columbus' early stops, his third, after San Sal- vador and Rum Cay. The native Indians called it "Yuma" and Columbus named it "Fernandina" after his mentor in Spain. According to history, Columbus said Long Island is the most beautiful island in the world.
  3. 3. Cape Santa MariaStella Maris. Located in Seymour's, at the very northern end of Long Island, is the Columbus Monument at Columbus Point. Sitting atop a high cliff overlooking the ocean, this monument was built as a memorial of the landing of Christopher Columbus at Cape Santa Maria on his first voyage in 1942, after San Salvador and Rum Cay. There is a spectacular view from the cliff top and is a very poplar stop for visitors. HamiltonsSalt Pond. Home of the islands boat building trade, Hamiltons is also known for its extensive cave system. Salt Pond is home to the annual Long Island Regatta, that draws tourists and visitors from around the world. One of the islands Mailboat ports. Throughout the island are various places to catch up with a local guide to all types of fishing including: Bone Fishing, Deep Sea and Flats Fishing. Sandy CaySandy Cay was the location of the blockbuster Hollywood move Pirates of the Caribbean, and is home to several species of rare Bahamian rock iguanas. You can take a guided tour by boat from mainland Long Island. The Long Island Museum provides insights about the history, culture and customs of Long Island. Deans Blue Hole: Deans Blue Hole dips some 663 feet into the ocean floor right offshore. Its said to be the deepest inland blue hole in the world, and second largest underwater chamber. Its located west of Clarence Town on Long Island, and is also the site where the Freediving World Record was set in April 2007. Clarence TownGordons Settlement: The capital of Long Island is Clarence Town, one of the largest settlements on the island. Its known for having one of the prettiest harbours in the Bahamas and famous for its beautiful twin churchesSt. Pauls Anglican Church and St. Peters Roman Catholic Church. Gordons Settlement and Cape Verde are the southernmost points on Long Island, secluded beaches, blue holes, Lucayan artifacts and the rugged cliffs of Cape Verde are sites to see.
  4. 4. LONG ISLAND, BAHAMAS (South) Over 3,600 acres: 289 Acres: Oceanfront in a secluded harbour. Elevations up to 135 above sea level. Natural private harborage, and secluded private location. 216 Acres: Inland parcel, suitable for non resort, residential components of the development. 3,250 Acres: Topography, location, size, ocean to ocean, with a 400 acre lake, numerous blue holes, and easily sub-dividable. Create your own masterpiece on this raw land canvas. UNLIKE ANY PARCEL IN THE BAHAMAS OR REGION.
  5. 5. LONG ISLAND, BAHAMAS (South) ResortCruise PortMarinaMega HarborGolf CourseResidentialCasinoLighthouse 1: Legacy Marina 2: Beachfront Resort; Vacation Club 3: Cruise Port 4: Resort; Lighthouse; Golf Course 5: Exclusive Boutique Resort 6: Residential 7: 289 Acres: Resort; Golf Course; Residential 8: Possible Private Airport 9: 400 Acre Lake; Possibilities are endless *All of the above is proposed and subject to change to your own vision..
  6. 6. LONG ISLAND, BAHAMAS (South) ResortCruise PortMarinaMega HarborGolf CourseResidentialCasinoLighthouse Marina, yacht club, mega yacht, mega harbor.. Any or all are possibilities at the southern end of Long Island, Bahamas. Legacy Marina: A Proposed marina, strategically positioned to be the southernmost marina location on the Island. An Ex- isting public small dock is in the area currently used as a small boat location. Legacy Marina can be sized to fit any type of surrounding development.
  7. 7. Immediate cruise destination via using the model set in place by Grand Turk in Turks and Caicos. Starting with a Beach party style of cruise ship destination. Then via effective phasing, design and development create a cruise port with all the necessary amenities to attract guests With excursions available throughout the property and the island. Long Island is the logical next step for a cruise line destination. With the location of Long Island being along the current cruise ship lines and the advantageous location of Cuba only a few hundred Nautical Miles away, IT IS TIME, to be on Long Island Time.
  8. 8. Several locations and cruse port designs are possible at the southern end of Long Island. TENDER TERMINAL CRUISE PORT EXCURSIONS
  9. 9. LONG ISLAND, BAHAMAS (South) Eco Resort: Plans are in place for the development of a eco almost off-grid capable resort product. Pre-fab Island Style Building product. Combined with state of the art eco based products for water, waste, farming, energy and transportation. As simple as a beachfront resort and marina Or as grand as multiple locations and various types of resorts, marinas, golf courses and so much more. As small or as large as you want. The size and scalability is only left to your imagination.. The southern peninsula beckons your call, from small footprint to a major Caribbean destination.. What do you envision?
  10. 10. LONG ISLAND, BAHAMAS (South) GOLF COURSE Ocean Views Natural Topography: Blue Holes; Elevations up 135 feet; Cliffs; Lakes; Sandy Coves.. Taking from the designs currently in the Bahamas. The existing topography, coastline, natural hills and blue holes, the property is ready for the design of a lifetime. A golf course designers dream. An unlimited canvas to choose from and mold into one of the most dramatic, challenging, and picturesque golf course locations in the region.
  11. 11. Island Time Studio: An added feature to a resort project, A recording studio for international artists to come to a secluded location, unwind, relax and record. Also the home base for all marketing, production and web-based promotion for the project. LONG ISLAND, BAHAMAS (South) Additional Properties and proposed projects: Property Overview: 289 Acres within a protected harbor, a bluff extending out into the harbor and elevations over 130 feet. The harbor frontage is approximately 2,000 feet with the boundary line extending back over 6,200 feet. Natural Vegetation, breathtaking elevated views in addition to the protected harbor allows you to unplug, unwind and enjoy an uninhabited part of the island. Perfect for high end resort, golf course, residential development. Overwater Bungalows Overwater Bungalows can be positioned in various locations throughout the southern region of Long Island.
  12. 12. LONG ISLAND, BAHAMAS (NORTH & CENTRAL) Port St. George Project: Proposed Resort & Golf Course Master Plan Community (not affiliated) Deadmans Cay Airport Redevelopment (Affiliated) Cruise Port @ Clarence Town (Affiliated) Port St. George Plan. Copied from Google search, all rights reserved. Deadmans Cay Airport Redevelopment Plan: Public-Private Partnership is available for this and several other family island airports
  13. 13. Contact: Noel L. Thompson, Jr. 772-321-3847 Pictures, presentations, drawings, and all information contained were either produced by Infinity Caribbean, copyrights of various entities, or information gathered from various owners developers, and associates. All rights reserved for those parties.


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