Extremely Useful Sites for Realtors

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Extremely Useful Sites for Realtors. Agents should know about some of these sites for Real Estate. Virtual Helpers to Branding Sites.

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  • 1.Extremely Useful Sites For Realtors by DD Flynn VP Marketing | Prudential Texas Properties

2. Prey Project Wipe and Find your laptops/tablets if stolen upgrade activate camera 3. CrashPlan Backup Everything - drop dead cheap for unlimited 4. MightyText SMS from your PC computet or tablet (for android) has chrome gmail plugin too 5. Haiku Deck The easist presentation ever (for ipad) 6. Vizify A personal / resume website automatically powered by your social media feeds 7. Icon.me A social powered business card with capture on your Phone and Web 8. Rapportive See peoples pictures, social feeds and other ways to contact them just by clicking on an email 9. Wisestamp Supercharge your email signature 10. Ginger Spell-check for desktop or mobile 11. Any.Do To Do list simplified - iphone + android 12. TaskRabbit Ever wanted your own assistant? But only when you needed it... 13. Fiverr Get it done for five bucks 14. Calendly Two-way Google calendar sync so you're never double booked. Your invitees can easily add scheduled events to their Google, Outlook or iCal calendars. 15. Populr.me Unlimited Published Pages for 3 Domains FREE Drag and Drop Editing Sharing | Collaboration | Video Recording 16. ScribbleMaps Powered by Google and Post to Google Maps or Your Website 17. IFTTT IFTTT will enable you to connect 2 services so that, when something happens with one service, it triggers another Someone tags me in FB, add that photo to my Dropbox 18. Thank You! icon.me/ddflynn