Ed Sarfo - Unfulfilled Potential What Successful Real Estate Agents Don’t Do

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Ed Sarfo - Unfulfilled Potential :
What Successful Real Estate Agents Dont Do

Ed Sarfo - Unfulfilled Potential : What Successful Real Estate Agents Dont DoSuccessful real estate agents come into their new careers with a sense of urgency. Maybe they quit their day job or they simply wanted to try something different, they came into the real estate market with a plan and they stick to it throughout their careers. Many experts and coaches find that many real estate agents squander their potential, however, when they start their real estate careers.

Here are a few reasons why many people fail as real estate agents: Lack of commitment. Many people enter real estate with a sense of ease on their minds. They think that by trying real estate, they will succeed overnight and cash their huge commission checks. Successful real estate agents are successful because they poured a part of their life into their work for many years. Much of this work involves unpaid, indirectly beneficial tasks completed to improve their personal relationships or practice selling property in their local communities.

Reasons why many people fail as real estate agentsNot enough savings. Before you begin your real estate career, consider how much overhead youll need to keep your operations running without a regular commission check. May of the best real estate agents dont see their first commission checks for six months after they start their new careers. Save up enough to pay your bills and run your operations for at least six months when you start selling real estate.

Ed Sarfo Ed Sarfo has been selling properties in and around Lexington, Kentucky for many years. He started with a small network of friends who helped him get his business off the ground, and today he has a team of professionals connected to him through his network. http://www.zillow.com/profile/edsellshouses1/http://www.trulia.com/profile/ed-sarfo-agent-lexington-ky-1557886/overviewhttps://www.facebook.com/edsellshouseshttps://www.linkedin.com/pub/ed-sarfo/16/20a/71bhttp://edsarfo2.point2agent.com/https://www.crunchbase.com/person/ed-sarfo