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  • 1.DRM Prefab Energy-Efcient Prefabricated Homes

2. Lets take a deep breath 3. It looks like we are living in paradise 4. Wait a moment... 5. Reality lacks of perception... 6. Can we change the world ? 7. Lets think different, lets think green 8. With the appropriate design and a construction that produces less waste, needs less maintenance and have less operational costs, a Green Prefab Home can reduce the building impacts on human health and the environment, while it will save money on living expenses for the homeowner. Dening a Green Prefab Home 9. Solar Power Wind Power Solar Hot Water Hybrid Solar Air-Conditioner 4 simple ideas to make your Prefab Home Energy Autonomous 10. Benets of solar power is the ability for the power to be localized. Photovoltaic cells can be mounted directly to a household or business. Solar panels can create electricity even if they are not exposed to the sun. In this way, they are much less dependent on their energy source whereas wind power can only be created when the wind is actively blowing at enough force. Solar Power 11. Heat energy is another efciency factor in which solar has the upper hand. Due to the sun's energy being heat energy, there is no need to electrically heat air or water when using solar power. As the electricity being generated is for heat production, solar is the way to go. Solar Power to Produce Heat Energy 12. Solar panel technology has improved to include plastic covers which are virtually indestructible and contain no moving parts. This way, the maintenance on photovoltaic is simple, only soap and water cleaning. Solar Power Maintenance 13. At least on the smaller scale, is signicantly more cost effective. For rural areas, personal wind power is an incredibly economical power source. Small-scale wind turbines are simple machines which involve either a magnet turning close to a wiring system, or the wiring system turning next a magnet. It is through the vibration of electrons created through turning that the electrical current is created. Wind Power 14. Unlike photovoltaic cells which are highly mechanized, a wind turbine can be repaired or worked on by the average homeowner. Wind turbine can exist any where on the property. In contrast, solar panels require unobstructed south-facing sun which can be an issue for many wishing to retrot their homes. Wind Power Maintenance 15. Low-pressure glass vacuum, is also known as thermosiphon solar water heater. Thermosiphon refers to a method of passive heat exchange based on natural convection, which circulates liquid without the necessity of a mechanical pump. That is a kind of solar collector and storage are connected together with the cylinder storage on the top and collector panel on the bottom. There is no need of pump to push the uid around and no need of pipeline between the collector and storage. It is a simple and safe solution to get heat power from the sun. Solar Hot Water Hot water accounts for around 25% of the average household's energy costs. 16. Can be operated completely automatic if connect with intelligent solar controller. Simple structure, easy plug-in installation, can be installed both on at and inclined roof, and can be used with an auxiliary electric booster as to provide total water without sunshine. Superior heat preservation ensured by one- off molding polyurethane foam with thickness 50 65mm. Suitable for residential and ofce use. Stable and reliable performance and wind resistance. Meet bath standard - material of inner tank is stainless steel plate; the silica gel ring sealing has a long life against the erosion and not harmful to health. Solar Hot Water Advantages 17. Air conditioning is one of the most signicant costs to households. Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner utilizes solar power and saves electricity consumption that will have to be consumed by regular air conditioner. Hybrid solar air conditioner today actually save 30% to 50% of your electricity bill. Clients savings on electricity cost, over a period, cover the cost of hybrid solar air-conditioner. Hybrid solar A/C absorbs solar energy to heat the inside medium by use of solar collector. Our hybrid air conditioners process colder air much faster then any air conditioner, which provides cold air immediately, blowing much colder air to the inside of your home or business much faster than any regular air conditioner. Hybrid Solar Air-Conditioner 18. DRM Prefabricated Building Solutions DRM Investments Ltd is specializing in manufacturing modern energy efcient prefabricated homes. We are looking forward to hear your requirements and to design for you the Home of your Dreams 19. Discover the possibilities... visit us today www.DRMprefab.com