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Colliers International: Occupier Services Group Overview The Occupier Services Group comprises market leading tenant-focused advisors in gateway metropolitan areas across the Americas working as one collaborative, accountable team to address your real estate issues. The group brings a sharp focus to advising high-profile businesses with large, complex needs and operates at strategic and tactical levels with your companys leadership to enable well-informed, profit-driven real estate decisions. Providing high-level, integrated service that few of our competitors have, we can deliver real estate business solutions that: Add measurable value Improve workplace performance Reduce costs Expand flexibility Decrease business operating risks Increase overall profitability


<ul><li> 1. colliers inTernATionAl Occupier Services Group Specialized Real Estate Services Accelerating success. </li></ul> <p> 2. Colliers International occupier services Group P. 2 This document has been prepared by Colliers International for advertising and general information only. Colliers International makes no guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, regarding the information including, but not limited to, warranties of content, accuracy and reliability. Any interested party should undertake their own inquiries as to the accuracy of the information. Colliers International excludes unequivocally all inferred or implied terms, conditions and warranties arising out of this document and excludes all liability for loss and damages arising there from. This publication is the copyrighted property of Colliers International and/or its licensor(s). 2011. All rights reserved. 112011 3. Colliers International occupier services Group P. 1 Colliers International occupier services Group P. 1 Add measurable value Improve workplace performance Reduce costs Expand flexibility Decrease business operating risks Increase overall profitability With a sharp focus on advising high-profile businesses with large, complex, local projects and such businesses that operate in multiple markets, Colliers Occupier Services Group delivers individual real estate business solutions that The Occupier Services Group comprises Colliers top-tier tenant/occupier broker- specialists working as one collaborative, accountable team to address your real estate issues. The group operates at strategic and tactical levels with your companys leadership to enable well-informed, profit-driven real estate decisions. Few of our competitors have this kind of high-level, integrated service group. Champions for Your Success Advocates for Your Profitability Best-in-Class Apart Even Better Together To achieve optimal results, the Occupier Services Group gains a thorough understanding of your business; your exact space needs; and your specific expectations, goals, and challenges a typical beginning in the real estate services industry. However, atypically, we bring together the best practices, tools, experience, and negotiating expertise of Colliers most practiced and talented tenant rep brokers to achieve your goals. By sharing the best-in-class thinking of our preeminent specialists from across the United States, we are better positioned to give you the highest-quality advice and thus achieve the most advantageous results. Each member of the Occupier Services Group has a proven track record of success in devising innovative solutions for companies with large-scale, complex projects or multi- market portfolios locally, nationally and, in some cases, internationally. Each member has accepted our code of conduct and rules of engagement contract, which is solely focused on delivering exceptional results for our clients. Equally important is that all members have agreed to put aside their own interests to advocate the interests of our clients and our Colliers platform. This truly differentiates us from our competitors. 4. P. 2 occupier services Group Colliers International core cApABiliTies Superior analytics, customized modeling Transaction execution with deeply managed process tools Strategy development and execution to set the right course Change management integration to improve business process Workplace performance improvement counseling Focus on how the real estate contributes to higher profits ADDiTionAl cApABiliTies Property management Capital project management Asset acquisition and disposition Valuation, advisory, and appraisals Facilities management Colliers 360 analytic dashboards The Occupier Services Group is dedicated to continuous process improvement and shares ever-better practices to deliver a continually improving level of service unmatched in the industry. Strengthened by Colliers national and international infrastructure, our solutions flow from business and real estate strategy alignment to project implementation to higher profits for our clients. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, the following: Superior Service. Outstanding Results. 5. Colliers International occupier services Group P. 3 Why Colliers Occupier Services Group? Occupier Services Attribute Benefit to Client Market-leading, highly experienced brokers Decreased business operating risk, improved execution across the board Collaborative, accountable teams that apply the broadest knowledge/expertise to your project(s) Added, measurable value in all steps in the process Relentless advocates for you Lowest possible real estate costs, improved workplace performance, and increased overall profitability Tenacious negotiators Best deal with greatest flexibility, all applicable incentives, and most thorough documents Best-in-class analytics Time, money, and risk savings No conflicts 100% transparency Exclusive representation and continuous communication 6. P. 4 occupier services Group Colliers International Jenner &amp; Block With 10 years remaining on the lease on its 372,000-square-foot space in Chicagos CBD, Jenner &amp; Block, the national law firm, wanted to increase space efficiencies, reduce costs, and manage future growth. They retained Colliers to perform a strategic analysis of their lease and provide tenant representation services. &gt; Our solution Colliers developed a space program/market strategy for Jenner and evaluated its stay-vs.-relocate options. As the Colliers team began evaluating potential market alternatives, they had a brilliant idea: that JennerBlock join forces with Mesirow Financial, whose lease expired within four months of JennerBlocks. Jenner needed 400,000 RSF; Mesirow, 350,000 RSF. With a combined 750,000 RSF requirement, both firms were able to maximize their negotiation advantages. Colliers coordinated the site selection process for both Jenner and Mesirow, including extensive market examination and in-depth financial analyses. The team bid to three new development sites and one existing building. The final choice was to anchor a 1.13 million-square-foot office tower at 353 North Clark Street. In addition to negotiating participation in the building design, Colliers introduced a flexible planning concept, which included demount- able furniture systems in core areas. This both reduced costs and increased flexibility.What was the result for the client? Jenner realized a tenant-driven design- build for a 1.13 million-square-foot, 45-story new office tower for which Jenners Optimum Floor Plate Study was utilized to guide design. The $380 million project was completed on budget and on schedule, and Jenners NER was $2.65/SF less than that of one of its major competitors executing a similar lease in a new project nearby. Success Story 7. Colliers International occupier services Group P. 5 ZYNGA INC. Zynga, one of Americas fastest growing firms, expanded from one small office in San Francisco to a substantial international real estate portfolio in only two years. Initially, to relocate their headquarters, they required a cost-sensitive solution with total flexibility in a setting that expressed their culture and identity.Our solution Following a visioning session with Zyngas leaders, Colliers developed a real estate strategy that aligned Zyngas financial objectives and operational requirements with short- and long-term occupancy solutions. Colliers scrutinized potential vacancies and ultimately created an off-market opportunity. It involved redesign and repositioning of an existing building, as well as relocation and termination of several of the buildings tenants. Colliers provided comprehensive financial modeling for cash flow and PL impact of several deal structures and joint venture opportunities to Zynga. We developed a negotiation strategy that focused on strong economics and lease flexibility through unilateral expansion, extension, and termination options. In addition, Colliers created leverage to obtain incentives from the City and County of San Francisco to retain Zynga in the City. .What was the result for the client? Colliers delivered a short-term solution, allowing the company to mature while maintaining absolute flexibility. We executed the longer-term strategy with a 270,000 square foot off-market transaction. The aggressive expansion, extension, and termination rights give Zynga broad flexibility. Colliers assisted the company in developing a centralized, scalable real estate and facilities management department; coordinated functions of multiple parties; created internal accountability; and developed multiple cost-saving initiatives. We continue to manage Zyngas global real estate portfolio, aiding in strategy development, facility acquisition and disposition, financial impact of real estate decisions, special consulting projects, and integrated ancillary services. Success Story 8. P. 6 occupier services Group Colliers International P. 6 occupier services Group Colliers International Colliers service was second to none. They were extremely responsive under all our respective timetables, demands, the pressures that came up the new deals that were being offered, the landlords trying to leapfrog the other landlords. They were focused on a long-term relationship and making sure we added value not only in the immediate timeframe but for the long term. Bill Marianes Managing Partner McGuireWoods Our goal was to save 20 percent, $4 million a year, $40 million over a 10-year lease term, and Colliers accomplished that. We put our trust and confidence in Colliers and they delivered the results. John Spinney Former Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Investors BankTrust Company Colliers has performed functions that I consider way beyond the purview of a traditional real estate broker. They have been involved in virtually every meeting for our new office building, contributed materially throughout lease negotiations, and continued to be involved after the lease was executed. I have always seen Colliers put Jenners interest first even where it was potentially not in their own interest to do so. Meredith Mendes Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer JennerBlock Testimonials 9. Colliers International occupier services Group P. 7 10. Need presence on currently data center page resides on Atlanta market page To learn more, scan this with a QR code reader or visit: COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL AT A GLANCE *The combination of Colliers International and FirstService results in 2.515 billion square feet under management second-largest in the world. </p>


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