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Either build new construction or improve your current residence, Clayton Douglas Homes can provide that custom home for you.

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  • 1. Don t Move,improveWritten by Danielle Dean . Photography provided by Clayton Douglas HomesFabulous work and excellent customer service is what youll findDanny explains. When Doug built the basement, he created awhen working with both Phantom Theater & Sound and Claytonlittle wall area that actually rolls and pivots so you can get behindDouglas Homes. Just ask Danny and Donelle, who have recom-the equipment easily.mended both companies to numerous friends and family members.In order to truly achieve the look, feel, and sound of a movieHomeowners Donelle and Danny built the home of theirtheater, Flaugher suggested putting subwoofers underneath thedreams in September 2003. The main floor and upstairs of thefour reclining theater chairs. This addition created a vibratinghome were perfect, but something was missing a finished base- sensation during action scenes.ment for entertaining. Donelle and Danny wanted their basement to be more than justThe couple was no stranger to the high quality service pro- an amazing theater room. They also wanted a functional storagevided by Phantom Theater & Sound, having worked with them onspace and entertainment area.the product selection, installation, and maintenance of the whole I wanted a kitchen area, a pool table, a seating area, and a fire-house speaker system that runs throughout the upper levels andplace. So I knew what I wanted, but I didnt know about making itpool area of their home and is controlled via iPad and in a way that would satisfy what it is we wanted at the end of It really started with us looking for a nice sound system, butthe day, Danny says. So he (Doug) came in and gave us some ideasmy wife didnt want big speakers in the living room. We wereand I think what I found most impressive was how he found a goodlooking for a place that could not only give us the sound qual- way to use the space. He maximized its usage in a way that we gotity, but the look we wanted as well. We came across Phantom what we wanted without having to dig any deeper into the area weTheater & Sound and visited their showroom, says Danny. Theywanted to keep for storage. He made valuable use of the space sogave us a nice demonstration and we eventually agreed to work that none was wasted.with them for two reasons. One, they were very responsive af-The execution of the theater room was almost compromisedter we had shown interest, and two, we were impressed by theirdue to the placement of a support beam. For Clayton Douglasstrong customer service.Homes, this was another opportunity to use creativity. The sup- We really liked the approach of being able to have everything port beam was transformed into a storage space for the videohidden, but still have the same volume and experience that youequipment. To utilize the remaining space and make the openwould have from a large speaker system sitting in front of your room feel cozier, Doug designed arches. The arches houseThe couple turned to Phantom Theater & Sound again when additional seating, movie posters, and mood lighting to enhancethey decided to build a theater room in their basement. We want- the theater experience.ed to create a true theater room with a few rows of seating. We I loved working with Doug! He had so many creative ideas andreally wanted an experience different than what we had upstairs, he was constantly saying, Come here I have this idea and whatexplains Danny. do you think about this? He was always changing things, upgrad- This time the couple not only asked Phantom Theater & Sounding, and improving, Donelle says. He would always say Oh itfor advice on what equipment to purchase, but also to recommend would be so cool if you did this and he was very detailed. He al-a general contractor. Joel Flaugher, president at Phantom Theater ways wanted my opinion on what he was thinking about doing. I& Sound, didnt hesitate to recommend local custom builder Doug really enjoyed working with Doug and it turned into a beautifulBryant with Clayton Douglas room. Clayton Douglas Homes built the basement and we worked What impressed the couple more than the end result of theirwith Phantom Theater & Sound for the theater equipment. Theyspace was the high level of customer service provided by bothboth did an impressive job down there! Its what we would refer toPhantom Theater & Sound and Clayton Douglas a wow! theater room, Danny says.He (Doug) was at our house almost every day and that spokeThe theater consists of 18 speakers from subwoofers to unitsvolumes to the quality of work that was being done. He met allstored behind the screen. However, all of the new equipment cre-of the commitments and deadlines that he said he was going toated a problem how to store it? meet. Anytime weve had an equipment issue Joel has come I really needed a lot of help with all of the video equipment out to repair or fix it either the same day or first thing the next,and how we were going to install it in a way that was impressiveDanny explains. vto look at, but also functional when you needed to work on it,

2. For advice on whether to move or improve, or for informationon building with Clayton Douglas Homes, contact MadelineHoge, executive sales vice president at Sibcy Cline. You canreach her at 513.659.0095, by email at, We recently had our basement completed with a new theater room, kitchen, billiards room and sitting area with fireplace. Not only did the work exceed our expectations, the oversight by Doug himself was very impressive. He was at our houseor visit her website at day during the time it took to complete the basement and oversaw the entire process. HeYou can reach Clayton Douglas Homes direct at 513.460.4136,by email at, or visit their ensured the workers were on time, and movedwebsite at project along in a timely manner. Doug was very professional at all times, provided ideas to You can reach Phantom Theater & Sound at 513.759.4477enhance the project, quoted it fairly, and abidedto schedule an appointment, or visit their website the agreement. We would highly recommendDoug and his crew for any project. Danny and Donelle