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  • Building Close to IT Parks a Strategy For Builders in Pune

  • Many good builders in Pune and indeed all across the country look for certain key ingredients when they scout for a site to construct what they hope will be a hot real estate destination in the region. One such recipe for success is proximity to a locality that is likely to employ a highly skilled and highly paid workforce. Builders in Pune, not immune from such proclivities actively seek out locations close to IT and ITeS hubs and in turn sell flats in the city offering a short and easy commute to work.

  • The advantages of such developments are an enormous boon to builders and to those who buy such flats in Pune or any other city in the country. Consider that the vast majority of our waking modern life takes place in the office and the commute to and from work is often desired to be cut down as short as possible to leave aside more time for family and work; thus advantages of owing property in Pune or Mumbai, Hyderabad or any number of cities close to where one works are enormous.

  • Equally benefited is the builder in Pune who sees the capital value of his development appreciate as a promising locality blossoms into a thriving commercial center employing legions of well paid employees. As with builders in many other cities, the list of builders in Pune building homes with this intent is quite long and the names on the list quite distinguished.

  • 2 BHK flats in Pune close to a prominent IT park are likely to command a market value equal to or exceeding larger 3 BHK flats in parts of the city that are either isolated or dont provide residents close proximity to highly paying employers. The value of such desirable properties to the top builders in Pune are, impeccable public relations, a name spread by word of mouth, as well as the prominence of having a property at a great location; the appreciation in the capital value of the property may take a back seat to some of these other great benefits.

  • For a builder in Pune, being at the right place at the right time can pay huge dividends when the time is right. Many flats in Pune as in many other cities are often known by the name of the developer and not necessarily by the name of the development, this clever marketing strategy by developers allows a great name to flourish, however a single dismal development may do the opposite of what a builder wishes. Builders and developers in Pune like those found anywhere on Earth, know the mantra of location, location, location and a great location with even unremarkable flats in Pune may lead to great marketing and a strengthening of the builders brand.

  • As the city of Pune grows in ambition and grandeur it is likely to attract larger and larger numbers of talented individuals as well as companies on the cutting edge who are willing to pay top dollar for top talent. The size of IT parks in the city at some future date may make todays expansive buildings appear diminutive in comparison, whereas todays parks employ thousands, in the future, parks in a larger area may employ tens of thousands. Proximity of only a few kilometers from a park so envisioned may play exponential dividends to a builder in Pune, who happens to be at the right place at the right time.