Builders and developers in pune and scope of 3 d printing

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Text of Builders and developers in pune and scope of 3 d printing

Builders and Developers in Pune and Scope of 3D Printing

Builders and Developers in Pune and Scope of 3D Printing

Builders and developers in Pune should consider the potential of 3D printed houses. 3D printed homes may revolutionize how and across the world is constructed. While today a great deal of manpower and time is required to build a home, even in developed countries, a large enough 3D printer may be able to erect several large houses within a day. Within a few decades, large multistoried buildings may be created within less than a week by using a large 3D printer. property in Pune in many ways, the real estate sector, besides agriculture, remains one of the most manpower intensive in the country In the future the real estate sector in India is expected to become a one trillion-dollar sector which employs lakhs of people

This is if there are no significant technological disruptions along the way that is, one such disrupter which comes to mind is 3D printing. There is a vast scope for this nascent technology in manufacturing and even in aerospace or automotive manufacturing. While today 3D printing is in an inchoate state, in the future as more financial and scientific investment is made to utilize the full potential of this technology, 3D printers may prove themselves to the as ubiquitous as PCs were in the 1980s. Imagine if buyers keen to could design one on a computer and then press enter and by the evening their new house could be ready and within a matter of one or two days they could start living in it!In such cases,

buy house in Pune all someone who is keen to own a house in Pune would be required to do is buy a plot of land of a certain size and then visit a builder in Pune who would have a large enough 3D printer and hire the builder's services to erect their dream home. Such homes would also be far cheaper than ones constructed today as they would require fewer man hours. The question is not if 3D printers will be used widely in construction but when. It is only a question of time before the technology is adopted by many of the top builders across the globe. At first, the potential and feasibility of this technology will be assessed and if found lacking measures would be taken to improve the technology.

Residential projects in Pune However once adopted the scope of such a technology is limitless as if would virtually eliminate the large numbers of workers required today at construction sites to erect a building and also cut down the need for workers in other industries such as manufacturing. could be erected at breathtaking speed and with greater efficiency than can be imagined today. The current government's plan to create housing for millions of the countries homeless may likely be addressed by 3D printed houses. A large enough 3D printer can construct up to six standalone homes in one day and this at a nascent state of the technology.