6 Killer Ways For Engaging Residents In Apartment Communities

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As more and more people in India adopt the community living experience, the role of resident welfare associations in increasing resident social engagement holds prime significance. Indians have traditionally been living in independent houses with a strong bind of neighborhood community. Now with freehold independent homes making away for high-rise and community developments, social interactions are often limited due to a number of factors. Let us look at some of the issues and the best practices that can be adopted by resident welfare communities and co-operative housing societies to increase social engagement between residents.


  • 1. Killer ways for engaging residents in apartment community activitiesKiller ways for engaging residents in apartment community activities

2. Residents welfare societies can organize a regular health and wellness program for residents. This would not only increase social interactions amongst the residents but would also give the opportunity for residents to get a regular check up at their convenience.#1Regular healthand wellness program 3. From dedicated art and hobby classes to skating tutorials, dancing and drama classes, lot of resident co-operative housing societies are now coming up with various after school program for kids making sure that the children learn something creative each day.#2After schoolprograms 4. Resident welfare associations can organize regular resident meetings including both formal and informal meetings to increase the level of social interaction amongst members.#3Formal or Informalmeetings 5. Rather than using paper meeting reminders, RWA can make use of emails, newsletters sent directly to the email address of various members and google communities to increase communication between members even while on the move.#4Communicatingwith residents 6. Use Sundays and other holidays as an informal meeting background to increase the overall participation of a large number of residents..#5Plan some weekendActivities 7. The community can look at organizing various volunteer drives like setting up and maintenance of community garden, charitable activities for the homeless and the needy and other community exercise that would ensure maximum participation from the kids, youngsters and adults.#6Organizing socialvolunteer work 8. Looking for answers for allyour property questions? 9. CommonFloor.comis India's leading property search portal.On a mission to make property search hassle-free, transparent and fruitful;CF has best of breedproperty search on maps,property search mobile appsand an extensive section for knowledge resources andadvice in real estate.