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4 Great Summer Decorating Tips for Your 30A Luxury Home

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Text of 4 Great Summer Decorating Tips for Your 30A Luxury Home

  1. 1. 4 Great Summer Decorating Tips for Your 30A Luxury Home
  2. 2. Its a fact that 30A luxury homes are among the most beautiful homes you can ever find not just in Florida, but in the entire country.
  3. 3. In its beach communities, youll find beautifully designed homes that blend with the surrounding elements. Most of these homes along 30A give fantastic views of the Gulf of Mexico.
  4. 4. If you already own or are thinking of buying a 30A luxury home for sale, how do you enhance the inside of your home to make it match the beauty outside? Here are 4 great tips to make your home more appealing, relaxing, and summer ready:
  5. 5. Keep everything balanced Just because you live near the beach doesnt mean you should go overboard with the beach decorations like putting seashells everywhere. Its a good idea to just stick to a basic or natural color scheme that blends well with the natural environment outside your 30A luxury home. Its okay to try different styles for different rooms, as long as there are elements that tie them together.
  6. 6. Combine artwork Instead of spreading out your artwork in every room or wall, try something new and gather your artwork into uniform grids for greater impact. This will make small art pieces appear bigger. The uniformity of the layout will also make a stark contrast with the abstract randomness reflected in most artworks that will make for a very interesting wall in your home.
  7. 7. Mix luxury items with cost- effective materials Contemporary styles call for mixing the old and new and the expensive with less expensive. Don t be bound by thinking that because you have some antique pieces in your home, you have to stick with only luxurious or expensive items and decor to match. Dont be afraid to try out new combinations and eclectic styles for your home.
  8. 8. Blend different elements in a small room to create an illusion of space One way to make a small room look larger is by blending different elements. Matching the color of the furniture with the wall can make a huge difference in making the room feel bigger and more breezy.
  9. 9. You dont need to spend too much to update and make your home along 30A ready for the summer. These tips are all very simple and cost effective that anyone could do it. You dont even need to hire an interior designer! Just rely on your natural eye for beauty and creativity and you can turn your 30A luxury home into a summer haven!
  10. 10. For more tips about 30A luxury homes for sale, visit
  11. 11. Call me, Debbie James, at 850-450-2000. Let me provide you with all the information and tools you need to make your dream 30A luxury home a reality.

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