Workshop: Getting Started Using Your Mobile in Missional Ways

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Getting Started: Using Your Mobile in Missional Ways

Getting Started:8 Ways You Can Begin Using Your Mobilein Missional WaysMobMin BeginningsOur brains do a pretty good job filtering out background noise so that we can focus on what we want to hear. For this reason, is not always easy for us to pick up on the noise around us. The best way to tune into any noise around us is by using a pair of headphones to monitor the sound. There are two ways to do this. The first is simply to make a brief recording, then 2

The Mobile RevolutionJust to put things into perspective a little bitRight now, in every village, in every city, in every country of the world the majority of people have within arms reach of them right now a mobile device. This love for our mobile devices is not just a Western phenomenon. It is truly global. A recent article in The Atlantic mentioned that on average, Nigerians spend 30% more time on their mobiles each day than Americans. And Americans spend a LOT of time on their mobiles!3

Asked, after her family, what was the one thing she could not leave behind as ISIS advanced on her home, this refugee from Qaraqosh said her mobile phone.A World Transfixed by Screens


Each generation of the church,in each setting,has the responsibility of communicating the gospelin understandable terms, considering the language and thought-forms of that setting.

- Francis Schaeffer5HOWcan we useour mobiles?YouVersions Bible appLaridian


Important note: Its not about the technology! Its about meeting people where they are and helping them to taste and see that the Lord is good.

One of the joys of living in Central Asia was the amazing bread, which we bought fresh most days. The aroma was impossible to resist. It made your mouth water and you couldnt think about anything other than grabbing a piece and devouring it! As believers in Jesus, we know that Jesus is the bread that satisfies our deepest needs. As we spend time with him and feast on Gods word, our lives become the aroma of Christ.

If phones and tablets (and social media) are where people are consuming & connecting, then we need to be offering fresh bread there.


1. Get the Bibleon your mobileScriptureAppBuilderYouVersion great because it offers so many translations and languages, makes it easy to share on social media, and offers a great reading experience (downside: some translations are only available to you when you are online).Scripture App Builder is an easy-to-use tool for creating Bible apps in minority languagesLaridian PocketBible is a great option for Bible study.

82. Get the JESUS Film on your mobile

93. Get other videos on your mobile

Two particular resources are worth highlighting:YesHeIs available as an app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone; aggregates videos from multiple sources; multiple languages are available; can search by topic/keywordGlobal Short Film Network not available as an app, but you can use your mobile browser and/or download films on your computer and transfer them to your mobile. Each film includes a very helpful list of questions as a guide for having meaningful conversations. 10

4. Use ImagesWere not going to spend time discussing the science behind it now, but our brains are wired for processing visual images. Images can immediately invoke memories of past experiences and the emotions associated with them. They can move us to places conversations might never take us. This makes them powerful ministry tools.

Image source: 11

What do you think of when you see this image? What kinds of emotions does it stir in you?

Image source: 125. Share the gospelusing an app

There are quite a few apps on the market designed to help you share the gospel. One that I like is the C2C Story app, which tells the Creation to Christ story. If you dont have an Android or iOS device but your phone has a nice screen and internet access, you can use the web version at If you have a basic phone with a color screen, you can copy the images onto your phone (keep them all in the same folder) and still use them to help you share the story visually.

136. Call an Audible

5Fish: Apps for Android & iOS, online at http://globalrecordings.netBibleTransmission: Android, iOS & Kindle Fire, or online at The Bible can also be streamed to your TV using a Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TVs

147. Use the Mighty MicroSD

OK, now I will get just slightly geeky on you, but this is definitely not beyond what you can learn if you care enough about Jesus and making him known.

The vast majority of non-iPhones in the world today have a tiny slot for what is called a microSD card. This is a cheap little memory card that allows mobile users to store more data on their devices photos, music, videos, documents, etc. They are not just for smartphones. Nearly every feature phone in use around the world uses microSD cards. And if you are working overseas, nearly everyone knows what to do with these. When I was in India just over a year ago, I handed these out to people who seemed genuinely interested in learning more about Jesus. Never once did I have to explain how to use one. Typically, the recipient would have the card inserted in his/her phone, would browse the contents, and would have a video playing all in about 60 seconds! MicroSD cards are cheap as little as $3 or less in bulk. They are available just about everywhere. They are small you can probably fit a couple hundred in a tiny Altoids tin! They are also good for those working in areas where security is an issue because they are easily concealed and they provide a way to share media without having to go onto the Internet or using other data services that could be easily traced. 158. Get Social(Be Conspicuously and Authentically Spiritual)

Social media is no longer a fad. It has changed the way people around the globe connect with one another. Jesus Daily is one of the most popular pages on Facebook with users from all over the world. As of January 2015, it had around 91,000 likes in Saudi Arabia! Be thoughtful about which networks you choose to use. Check and to see what is popular in your country. Better yet, do some cultural research. Take a few days with your team to go out in the community and interview people about what how they use their mobiles and what their favorite (most used) apps are.Social media is all about (1) engagement, (2) connecting, (3) influencing.FacebookInstagramTwitterWhatsApp16

Can you do this?Your Turn:

What is God calling you to doin response to whatyouve heard today?

Write down 1-2 action items, then send them to yourself and to a trusted friend.18Bonus: Learn More

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