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Second draft

Text of Streetscape draft 2

  • Inner Sunset MTA N Judah Proposal

  • MTA N Judah Inner Sunset Proposal Irving from 4th Ave to 9th AveVerdon Architects 20149th Ave

    Vehicle Pedestrian Bicycle entry to GG Park5th Ave

    Pedestrian & bicycle entry to GG Park4th Ave6th Ave7th Ave

  • 5th & 6th Ave Areasof Opportunities MTA 50 clearanceProposed Bus Shelter& Bulb OutMTA 50 clearanceProposed Bus Shelter& Bulb outStreetscape Elements Bay Are Bike Share StationPavement pattern & treatmentPedestrian Safety CrosswalksPedestrian lighting Seating PlantingExisting Bulb outProposed Bulb outVerdon Architects 2014To 5th Ave GG Park Entry

  • MTA 9th & Irving Proposal 9th Ave GG Park Entry

  • MTA 9th & Irving Proposal 9th Ave GG Park EntryProposedrelocatedInbound N Judah StopProposedrelocatedOutbound N Judah Stop9th Ave & Irving

  • 9th Ave Areas of Opportunities MTA 50 clearanceProposed Bus ShelterPublic SquareSeating Pavement pattern& treatment

    Reconfigured Parklet Seating


    ArizmendiBakeryVerdon Architects 2014Pavement pattern & treatmentPlantingStreetscape Elements Reconfigured Parkelt Seating Pedestrian lighting

  • 9th & Irving Areas of OpportunitiesProposedBulb outsExisting Bulb outPedestrian Safety ZonePavement pattern & treatmentSeating & PlantingVerdon Architects 2014Streetscape Elements Pedestrian Safety CrosswalksPedestrian lightingPublic art

  • MTA 9th & Irving Proposal MTA Proposed Concrete pad

  • 9th & Irving Areas of OpportunitiesVerdon Architects 2014

  • Streetscape ElementsVerdon Architects 2014Pedestrian SafetyWay findingCommunity SpacesGreeningPavementPublic Art

  • Way finding Verdon Architects 2014Pedestrian walking distance/timeMTA stopFrontNeighborhoodArea mapPoints of InterestLightingSideBack

  • Pedestrian Safety- LightingVerdon Architects 2014

  • Pedestrian Safety - Cross walkVerdon Architects 2014Lit road markersGlowing crosswalkRaised cross walk

  • Pedestrian Safety -BollardsVerdon Architects 2014PlanterReflective soft Stone

  • Pavers & treatment Verdon Architects 2014PaversPavement treatment

  • Public Art Verdon Architects 2014Street ArtWall muralPavement art

  • Greening Verdon Architects 2014Street ArtWall mural

  • Community Bulb out ExampleVerdon Architects 2014

  • Community Bulb out ExampleVerdon Architects 2014Pedestrian lightingWayfindingPlanterVehicular lightingStormwater BioswalePedestrian lightingBanner signageBollard with lighting at crosswalkZone defined by paving differing from sidewalkTrash & RecyclingSeating with planting

  • MTA ProposalIrving from 4th to 7thVerdon Architects 2014

  • 9th & Irving OpportunitiesRaised crosswalk & StripingPublic ArtStreet lampsPavers/Public Art

    Verdon Architects 2014

    Square open to traffic