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Welcome - Honor to keynote second day of WordCamp

Thanks David - Start a day about eCommerce at the end of our online sales funnel :)

In this session lot of common senseTheres a lot shop owner can do himself

Here are the things Ill be talking about [click]

In this sessionHolistic SEOBrandingPages of your online shopMobile


Optimize shop with user in mindDont just rely on platform or developerSuccess is a shop owners responsibility

- Holistic SEO- BrandingYour shop's homepage - Shop Search - Category pages - Product pages - Your mobile shopLets go!

Holistic SEO#wcnl

Marieke mentioned this yesterday, we always tell you thisStrongly believe not just meta desc & XML sitemapsTaking all into account from speed to UX

This session: common UX improvementseveryday SEO issues


Talking shop seo, start at beginningWhy are shops like [click]


Zalando, Amazon, dutch bol.com so successful?Branding firstInvesting time, effort and money in positioning in online marketGoal: become household nameBrick shop killers

Zalando invested heavily in dutch market penetration: TV Ads | Online promotion | Team of SEOs Number one in Google Brand recognition

Size doesnt matter [click]


Any of you know Flavourites?Collection of online shops - Every shop its own identitySmaller shops start with personal idea, craft personality reflected in shop Match with customer = customer for life & lifetime ambassador

USP = brand identity its about relating to the shop & products its about relating to the brand [click]


Outdoor brands like Patagonia and The North Face rock at thisCombine storytelling with durable products

UBR instead of USPFocus on customer instead of productsWhy buy at your shop? Trigger?Branding is a huge part of that.


As a shop owner, make clear what you stand forWhat are your values?If three identical shops, these values will initiate the choice.

In conclusion:Invest in branding, itll be worth your while

Now lets go over the main pages of your online shop! [click]

Shop homepage#wcnl

Article on homepage SEONot optimizing branding / welcome / guideFor shops, this goes doubleAverage shop focuses on sale, seasonal products and main categories

Homepage does matter: main landing page, also from GoogleSocial media promo (in bio)Offline promotionEven if product page is served, homepage probably in first few results as well

Household names#wcnl

Even if not household name Make clear what products you sellShow bit of your valuesAdd killer call to actionMake sure people stay on your site, click to next page, buy your products

Let go over some examples [click]

What kind of products?#wcnl

Selling books for sureHomepage like this people understand what you sellThis particular page: Test ghost buttonsTest if you really need that slider

Purpose of the website is clear.

What are your values?#wcnl

Clearly: Quality product that is made to use, wear, that you want to go explore whatever with.

LL Bean's homepage, due to the image and text, breaths craftsmanship. I want those shoes. And I'm not even perse their target audience, Netflix watching couch potato.

What's your main call to action?#wcnl

Yeah, so I bought this t-shirt. No, just kidding.

What this wimpy kid did here is actually really nice. Black and white website tiny bit of color stands out alreadyPurple here pops just the right amountNot too much 'in your face'. I like it. Let's discuss afterwards how I ended up on that website, ok?

Next: shop search [click]

Shop search#wcnl

Over 20 products, probably main navigation.

Visible on homepage - add enough attentionWhat location? [click]

In header#wcnl

TopHeader bar

Very common locationDont try to be creative, follow the masses People are used to thatYou can build your website around that search option[click]

In header


Default position for shops that contain loads of productsForm not most important in internal search result pages

Make visitors want to buy on search result pages already add Add to Cart hereSame goes for product listings on category pages

Add product images


Always add product imagesFind the right type of images10 images of screws and nails less appealing than the LEGO hereAlways add images. Even the color of a screw could trigger a sale

Mentioned category pages, lets take closer look [click]

Category pages#wcnl

Product listingsMost shops, matter more than product pagesProduct pages for specific searchesNew t-shirt, probably not specific t-shirt - range of products

Optimize category page = optimize for every t-shirt in your shopNumber of specific elements on category page [click]



IntroductionGlue for products, what these products have in common why grouped like thisNot immediately visible, but its there

See the internal linking?Could even add images/videos/links to other categories

List of categories


CategoriesFind a way to introduce all categories | make them accessibleSometimes focus on main categories or do like Walmart:Shortlist main categories on mouse-over, subcategories after hovering item

Call to action


Call to actionLike search result pagesDrop extra items in cart, decide to purchase or not later(only to remove later like a temporary wishlist)

Staples category page for staplers, clear call to action + secondary

Product title


Product titleSometimes include brand, if buying reason

See what LEGO did here? There is even an SKU right above the title, as an extra referenceMake sure immediately clear what product

From category page we end up on product pages [click]

Product pages#wcnl

All efforts lead to that one page: actual product pageSell your product to the customerPage needs to be awesome, in both UX and SEO

Product images


Product imagesMultiple anglesZoomSense of size etcFor products you can pick up its Replacing in-store experience

People using the product help customer see themselves using the product

Call to action


Call to actionMatters on category page, matters even more on product pageNot in default site design color pop, like Justins siteSecondary: add to wishlist | make an offer like here (specific site)

testimonial or reviewfree deliveryfree return option within x days



Availability - One of my favorite itemsBooking: People watching and 1 room leftNeeds to be accurate. Creates urgency.How much in stock also tells if I can have product tomorrow.

If you want ASAP, perhaps local pickup as shipping method?Quick thing to mentionLocal SEO for WooCommerce among other things set that as shipping methodTry that, first get discount card at our booth

All the obvious for SEO


Specific for SEO, you also need all the obvious things-product name-product description (no manufacturer description)-meta description (not allowing Google to pick up terms or other stuff)-alt texts (scanning, screen readers)Covered in new WordPress.com's Advanced SEO (title, meta, snippet preview)

But theres obviously more to optimize here! [click]

Product pages: SEO


Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffee Maker with Wood Collar $36.95 In stock Chuck Williams favorite method of brewing coffee, the Chemex coffeemaker is an elegant, one-piece vessel made of high quality, heat-resistant glass.

Schema markupDont want to go into detail on how-to, but Google will thank you, easy understand, faster indexingTitle, image, also price and availabilityWhich Google might already show in the search result pagesVisit that schema.org/Product page for more informationLucky? Some of that markup will end up in Google

Product pages: SEO


Open Graph and Twitter MarkupWorks pretty much same way, not for search engine, for FB and Twitter etcIf Twitter not complete / filled out OG fallback for TwitterTwitter Product Cards (for instance in etsy.com) replaced with Summary cardEasier sharing

Hold on, were almost there - its a lot right?Obviously one more thing to talk about

Mobile shop#wcnl

Its not us that use mobile phones a lotEntire continents like Africa hardly use desktop computersIf thats one of your markets, better make sure mobile shop is in order

Just this week, Google announced two separate indexes for desktop and mobile

Doesn't matter AMP or responsive, few things to keep in mind

Mobile shop


Task based designFocus on main things you want people to do:Find a product and buy it.

Focus on that 'funnel' of your website and work towards it. Again, search is important in this on your mobile site as well.

Mobile shop


Tone it downLess colors and elements, more focus on what to doDesign and contentWhat you really need - not slider or surplus of products on a page. Reduce all excessive baggage.

Mobile shop


Button hit areaNo mouse pointerButtons large enoughNot two buttons too close to each other

Button is the thing that gets me to your checkout

Mobile shop


Optimize for speed - Oh, thats obvious, right!?No clue why I used Apple here, but usually pretty fast, rightReduces frustrationImproves overall user experience

Thanks for your attention!#wcnl

So, we've just gone over a number of things that will seriously improve the UX and SEO of your website.

I am sure a number of topics will be addressedin more detailin talks later today.


@[email protected] Heijmans


WordCamp, thanks for having me and all of you thank you all so much for your attention this Sunday morning. If you'd like to talk about any of the things mentioned, feel free to look me up later.

I'm Michiel, I work at Yoast