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Organising Fundamentals, Importance, Process Group Members: Adya Panda Priti Rose Kullu Vikash Kumar Giri Sunny Singh Tony Jacob Shubhra Salil A Presentation on Exposure Visit to Lijjat Papad , Jabalpur held on 17 th September 2014

Lijjat Papad Exposure Visit

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OrganisingFundamentals, Importance, Process

Group Members:Adya PandaPriti Rose KulluVikash Kumar GiriSunny SinghTony JacobShubhra Salil

A Presentation on Exposure Visit to Lijjat Papad, Jabalpur held on 17th September 2014

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What is ORGANISING• Organising, in companies point of view, is the

management function that usually follows after planning.

• It involves the assignment of tasks, the grouping of tasks into departments and the assignment of authority and allocation of resources across the organization.

• Organising effective management is crucial for nearly all large organizations and generally valuable for those of any size.

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Company Profile & It’s Motto

Lijjat Papad is a co-operative society initiated by Mr. Shanti Bai Shah.

The Jabalpur Unit was established in 1974. Lijjat believes in the philosophy of sarvodaya and collective

ownership. It accepts all its working members as the owners and an equal

partaker in both profit and loss. The members are co-owners and fondly referred to as

"sisters". Men can only be salaried employees (accountants, drivers or

security guards), and not the members of the organisation (i.e. they are not the owners).

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Statistics Focus on women Empowerment

Total number of workers- 3500 Daily Production- 6 to 8 ton Production Cost Rs. 30 per Kilo All manual work to employ more people Maximum Distribution of 15 kilo to an employee Products also exported to US & UK time by time.

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Organisation Structure

The formal structure of an Organisation is two-dimensional- horizontal & vertical.

The horizontal dimension depicts differentiation of jobs into various departments.

The vertical dimension reflects the hierarchy of authority relationship with a number of levels from top to bottom.

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Characteristics of Organization

1. Employee Strength.2. Common Aim.3. Division of Work.4. Group Effort.5. Central Authority-Controls the efforts of group.6. Rules & Regulation.7. Systematic working.

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Importance Of Organisation Encourages Growth:– Systematic division of Work for Achievement

of common Goal Promotes Creativeness:- Work allotment according to Area of

Interest and Caliber. Promotion of Good Inter-Personal Relationship:- The assignment

of right job to right person improves job satisfaction & interpersonal relations.

Co-ordination Activities:- Coordination of activities between various departments for achievement of common goal.

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