How to tell a good story from a bunch of random facts

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The hard part about telling stories is picking ideas without getting sidetracked, presenting them using the right level of detail, and in a progression that seems logical to people outside of our scientific microcosm. Stories are finished products. They are the end result of a long process to filter out dead ends and transform awkwardly phrased ideas into clear thoughts. If youve never enjoyed writing, it might be because you have unrealistic expectations about what writing should feel like. Read more at


<ul><li> Nacho Caballero HOW TO TELL A GOOD STORY FROM A BUNCH OF RANDOM FACTS </li> <li> Make a list of everything! that could belong in the story </li> <li> Organize ideas ! into common themes </li> <li> Develop ideas ! that grab your interest </li> <li> Create a transition! for every new idea </li> <li> The story </li> <li> The story Everything that didnt make it </li> <li> Read the annotated slides </li> <li> subscribe to get weekly Presentation tips click </li> </ul>