Crop Management practices under Drought Condition

Drought,Crop Management practices under Drought ConditionTypes of Drought,Factors affecting Drought

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Crop Management practices under Drought Condition

Drought• A drought is a deficiency in

precipitation over an extended period usually a season or more resulting in a water shortage causing adverse affect on vegetation, animals and people.

Types of Drought• Metrological Drought:When actual rainfall is less than 25% of the normal over a wide area• Hydrological Drought:Prolonged results of hydrological drought leading to depletion of water resources.• Agricultural Drought:Soil moisture and rainfall are adequate during growing season to support healthy crop growth to maturity and cause crop stress.

Factors affecting Drought

• Drought is caused by• lack of rainfall• Climatic factor• Soil type• Over cultivation• Deforestation

Effect of Drought• The effect of drought are many.it lead to

depending upon the period of occurrence. • loss of crop.• land degradation.• spread of diseases and migration of people and

livestock. • Drought adversely affect the food security at farm


Effect of Drought• Early season drought:Has lesser impact on crop due to limited growth and leaf area index. • Mid season drought:Reduce the potential yield.• Late season drought:Reduction in yield or even complete crop failure.

Approaches to Drought Management

• Two approaches are generally followed for this purpose.

• The first approach is through the modification of plants enhancing their tolerance to drought and other biotic stresses.

After re-wateringWell-watered 10 days drought 20 days drought

Drought Management• The other approach is to conserve scarce

water and lessen the risk of crop failure .• Efficient management of soil water in dry land.