Creating conversation with meaning and value By: Danielle Brigida

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  • Creating Conversation with Meaning and Value #jboye14 @starfocus By Danielle Brigida National Wildlife Federation
  • Reasons Were Active on Social Fire = Criticism Earth = Relationships Flood = Support #jboye14 @starfocus
  • Our Community Tips Listen All the Time Be Responsive Add Value Spark Discussion Be Present Follow the Passion #jboye14 @starfocus
  • Thinking About Types of Social Media Owned Your Branded Presences Earned Organic Shares and Posts Paid Social Advertising #jboye14 @starfocus
  • Find Communities that Align with Goals Inspire Americans To Protect Wildlife For Our Childrens future Photographs Getting Outdoors Watching for Wildlife Instagram Google+ Facebook Flickr #jboye14 @starfocus
  • National Wildlife Photo Contest
  • Tracking Social Can Be Tricky #jboye14 @starfocus
  • National Wildlife Week Repurpose, Alter, & Crowdsource #jboye14 @starfocus
  • Think of Where You Can Provide Value #jboye14 @starfocus
  • Learn from Your Community and Advocates @klsnature #jboye14 @starfocus
  • Tools for Conversation and Community Management Crowdbooster Tweetdeck Bufferapp Hootsuite SocialBro #jboye14 @starfocus
  • Legal Places to Get Images Your Staff Your Community image-sites
  • Places to Edit Images for Social Pixlr PicMonkey Liveluvcreate Canva #jboye14 @starfocus
  • Awesome Screenshot: captur/alelhddbbhepgpmgidjdcjakblofbmce?hl=en #jboye14 @starfocus
  • Listen in Different Ways #jboye14 @starfocus
  • You Use Search All the Time
  • Research Social Media Search Sites Blogs Ice Rocket Google Blog Search Technorati Facebook/Twitter Search.twitter Social Mention Boardreader RSS Notifications #jboye14 @starfocus
  • Just RSS Your Search Results! RSS = Real Simple Syndication #jboye14 @starfocus
  • Track Relative News and Mentions
  • Art of Quality Conversations Speak Less- Listen More Develop Your Sense of Humor Know Your Current Events Keep Track of Interesting Experiences Be a Bearer of Good Tidings Keep Comments Short and To the Point @starfocus #jboye14
  • Use Content and Blogging to Give Context to Your Work
  • Always Remember Why Youre There #jboye14 @starfocus
  • Listen, Communicate, Create, Track Time on Social Media Listening Communicating Creating/Experimenting Tracking 30% 30% 25% 15%
  • Questions? Danielle Brigida Sr. Manager of Social Strategy National Wildlife Federation @starfocus Judy N, Flickr #jboye14


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