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storytelling, publishing and purpose cannes 2014

Cannes 2014: Storytelling, Publishing and Purpose

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4 big themes from our trip to the Cannes Lions - Festival of Creativity 2014.

Text of Cannes 2014: Storytelling, Publishing and Purpose

  • storytelling, publishing and purpose cannes 2014
  • four big themes tell me a story ! ! shift to publishing ! ! NFPs still tell the best stories ! ! forget about positioning it's all about purpose ! ! a last word from Jony 1 2 3 4
  • Advertising has always been about storytelling, but this was the buzzword of the festival. ! Its a helpful metaphor to use when thinking about how marketing is changing and some principles we need to think about when were marketing. ! Dont give the answer away but raise the question you want people to think about (Spike Jonze) ! Understand the meta-story you want to work with ie. Good versus Evil, Competition, Teamwork ( (Marcello Serpa) At the end of the day its about human connection (Eddy Moretti) ! This adoption of storytelling helps make advertising transcendent, a part of culture. Tell me a story
  • example, Chipotle scarecrow
  • example, British Airways look up
  • example, intermarche inglorious vegetables
  • shift to publishing In order to tell a great story businesses need to look at how theyre currently set-up. ! Twitters Joel Lunenfeld described the way organisation are currently set-up as classical orchestras - waiting for instruction from their conductor. The problem is that we are living in the age of Jazz. ! The best stories require organisations to be able to riff. For the consumer to take them, build on them and share them. ! This means moving from product-centric marketing departments to marketing departments (and companies) that look more like publishers. ! !
  • "The intersection between linear storytelling and social engagement is the next big thing. Jeff Katzenberg, co-founder Dreamworks
  • example, harvey nichols spent it on myself
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7USJs-CfVg example, Bob Dylan/Sony like a rolling stone
  • NFPs still tell the best stories the real winners in the awards ceremonies (aside from Volvo) were not-for-profit organisations. ! it seems that these are the stories that are easier to tell because there is obviously a level of creative freedom (minus the scam-ads) that go with working for a NFP; on top of this theyre all based on a social purpose not a product or a positioning. ! ! This is where we're seeing the cutting edge - great stories being told with interesting technology. ! ! ! !
  • example, not impossible lab project daniel
  • example, 350 action climate name change
  • anyone that's up-to-speed on the latest marketing thinking will have heard all about purpose, but it's importance was really apparent at Cannes. ! ! it was spoken about by A+E Networks in their efforts to rebrand, was evident in a presentation contrasting Visa (positioning-based) with Nike (purpose-based), but best brought to life by Solar Impulse - makers of the first solar powered plane which will fly around the world in 12 months time. ! when asked what they were doing, they didn't reply 'making a solar powered plane' (i.e. the product), but rather, replied they were creating a better world for people to live in. Summed up in their tagline - exploration to change the world. ! ! its all about purpose
  • the team know why theyre there, its about changing the world Betrand Piccard, Founder
  • and a final word
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