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We created a parody of the "Repeal Obamacare" campaign in hopes of opening the eyes of the taxpayers and voters of the state of Georgia.The elected officials in Georgia, who complain about the problems with Obamacare, have a long history of committing the same offenses against the counties of DeKalb and Fulton. This shows that many of the elected officials in Georgia are nothing more than hypocrites.We compared the "Repeal Obamacare" to the Georgia Transportation Investment Act (HB277 & HB203). We attempt to show thought our parody that the elected officials from Georgia are hypocrites because one can find the same alleged three offenses of Obamacare in the new legislation passed by the Georgia General Assembly called Georgia Transportation Investment Act (HB277 & Hb203) such as:1. Unconstitutional Law2. Redistribution of Wealth3. SocialismWe want to educate the average taxpayers and voters of Georgia of the dangers of passing the Georgia Transportation Investment Act. We have termed these dangers as Economic Suicide for DeKalb and Fulton. If you believe in the Constitution, you would vote "No" to Georgia Transportation Investment Act. Help us place "We the People" back into the Georgia Constitution.

Text of Repeal, replace, restore hb277

  • 2. How does HB 277, better known as Georgia Transportation Investment Act, works?
  • 3. Well, you have over 159 counties in Georgia divided into 12 districts.
  • 4. If all the counties in Georgia were to give two dollars to invest in transportation, a portion will be invested in Georgias transportation and the rest will be returned to the individual counties.
  • 5. When 149 counties place their two dollars into the plate, they get back $1.25 thus investing 75 cents in Georgias transportation
  • 6. The 10 counties left over makeup Metro-Atlanta.
  • 7. When 8 of the 10 remaining counties, excluding DeKalb and Fulton Counties, place their two dollars in the plate, they get back $1.15 thus investing 85 cents in transportation.
  • 8. When the two remaining counties of DeKalb and Fulton place their two dollars in the plate, they get back 15 cents thus investing $1.85 in Georgias Transportation.
  • 9. Once Again, 149 counties invest 75 cents out of $2.00 8 counties invest 85 cents out of $2.00 2 counties invest $1.85 out of $2.00This investment will begin after 2012 if HB277 is passed by the voters.
  • 10. Since Georgia has 159 counties, how much money do 157 counties invest today in Georgias transportation in the form of a transportation tax? Answer: Zero!
  • 11. What do the remaining two counties of DeKalb and Fulton pay toward investment in Georgias transportation today? Answer - DeKalb and Fulton have paid a 1% transportation tax for the operation of MARTA for over 30 years which went from 23 million dollars per month in 2002 to 31 million dollars per month in 2010.
  • 12. Now, who is really investing in Georgia Transportation?
  • 13. Dont drink the Kool Aid! Research the facts before you vote in 2012.
  • 14. www.unhappytaxpayer.comwww.georgiachronicle.netPublisher:Viola Davis