North west province south africa.state of province.february 18 2011

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North west province South Africa.State of Province Address, February 18 2011

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  • 1. State of the Province Address by Honourable Thandi Modise,Premier of the North-West Province on 18th February 2011Hon Speaker of the Provincial Legislature,Hon Members of the Executive Council,Hon Members of the Provincial Legislature,Judge President and Members of the Judiciary,Foreign Dignitaries,Hon Leaders of Political Parties,Our Esteemed Traditional Leaders,Your Worship Executive Mayors and Mayors of our Municipalities,Speakers of our Councils,Heads of Our Security Agencies,The Director General and Leaders of Administration in all spheres ofGovernment,Chairpersons and Chief Executive Officer of State-Owned Enterprises,Leaders of Labour Movement, Civil Society, Faith Based-Organizations and Business,The South African Local Government Association Chairperson,Comrades and Friends,Ladies and Gentlemen,1|Page

2. Honourable Speaker,Now all over the world there are three words, which spoken together expressthe triumph of freedom, democracy and hope for the future. They arePresident Nelson Mandela. These are the words of former US president BillClinton speaking about our own Father Nelson Mandela.Honourable Speaker,On behalf of the people of the North West let me therefore take thisopportunity to salute our father of the nation, Ntate Mandela. He is thefoundation and pillar upon which the cherished noble values of human dignity,justice, freedom and democracy are embodied. We wish him speedy recoveryand comfort.Honourable members,As the ANC led government, we are mindful that the struggle of our people fortheir own emancipation was not in vain. Under trying circumstances, they putat risk everything at their disposal, including their lives so that they can, today,call themselves a free society. These gallant fighters of our people can onlyfind relevance in their freedom when it restores their humanity and nationhood.Honourable members,The dawn of freedom was also the rebirth of our country, the reclaiming of theidentity of her people and the realisation of everything they yearned for. It isthe celebration of the sacrifice made by those that fell whilst fighting for theirpeoples freedom.2|Page 3. Honourable Speaker,We should at all times ask ourselves whether we affirm that their struggle wasnot in vain and that their freedom is not only symbolic but meaningful in theway it continues to transform their lives for the better. Only then can weproudly say: we are true representatives of the people, a functionaldemocracy founded upon their will.Honourable members,Today, I am quite aware that many want to know how different this year wouldbe from the previous one. Will there be any change? I want to reassure thepeople of our Province that we are not perfect, that we cannot have theimperfections of yesterday nor claim to use the best standards of today aslifetime measures of our potential; we have to improve our way of doing things.We must make a determination to expedite our pace of government servicesto the people. Such determination must translate into actual improvement inthe living conditions of our people.Honourable members,3|Page 4. We are mindful that circumstances always call on us to use our skills wherethey can be used best. We are a new team determined to change the image ofour government and province for the better.Honourable Speaker,As the ANC led-government, we are proud of the changes we have introducedand facilitated in the living space of our people. We are aware that we couldhave accomplished more. Instead of beating ourselves to a pulp over why wecould not achieve more, we should take the imperfections of our past aslessons on how to ensure the future continues to shape a better tomorrow forour people.Honourable Speaker,The president of the ANC in the January 8th statement and State of the NationAddress has emphasised that we must collectively put concerted efforts increating more jobs for our people, this year going forward. As the North Westprovincial government, we must aggressively heed that call, as we are allaware of the devastating effects of unemployment in our province and country.We are thus called upon by history, the mandate of the ruling party and thecurrent socio-economic conditions inour province, to ensure thatunemployment is accorded requisite attention.Honourable members,4|Page 5. Our outline for the developmental changes for our people would not beadequate unless we also acknowledge the strides that were made to bring usto where we are today.Fellow citizens of the North West Province,In line with our national priorities for creating decent jobs and sustainablelivelihood, strengthening skills and Human resources base, providing healthcare to all, facilitating rural development, food security and fighting crime, weare proud to stand here and report that we have for the past year achieved,amongst others, the following: Achieved an 8.2% increase in grade twelve learner pass rate and thusgiving us a total of 75.7%Assisted one-hundred-and-ninety-four (194) emergingsocial serviceorganizations to register as Non-Profit Organizations.Comparison of the average real economic growth rate from 2002 to 2009recorded by the provincial economies shows an average growth rate of 3, 7per cent.Hosted the FIFA World Cup games in a peaceful and entertainingenvironment.Created an anti poaching unit and ensured that rhinos are micro-chipped andan electronic tracking devise is installed on most Rhino horns.5|Page 6. Integrated environmental and biodiversity sensitivity layers of the provinceinto the Provincial Spatial Development Framework. About six (6) localmunicipalities are already in the process of aligning theirs to the Framework.Distributed 1947 bicycles to 45 schools and also implemented scholartransport operations in four districts to provide mobility to rural learners.Trained 620 farmers in the three District Municipalities as part of the WesternFrontier Beef Beneficiation Programme.Upgraded roads D511 Brits to Thabazimbi and D96 Kalhoek to Mantsire.Ensured that 239 health facilities implement Basic Ante Natal Care Strategy.Tested 95% of pregnant women for HIV against a target of 90%,Decreased TB defaulter rate by 8.3% above the target of 8%,All 24 municipalities have established their IDP structures60548 households were provided access to water and 12 681 householdswere provided access to sanitation in the period under review.Honourable Speaker,Though more has been achieved, much is still to be done. The challenge ofproviding the best for our people should, always, inspire us to rise above themargins we had set for ourselves.Honourable members,6|Page 7. We should acknowledge that our rural development initiatives have not metwith the sort of partnerships we expected from various stakeholders. This hasled to the slackening of pace in ensuring that the rural landscape istransformed speedily to enable people to enjoy the best of services like therest of society.Honourable speaker,If we are to live to our commitment to create a sustainable, effective andefficient local government system, we must acknowledge that our localgovernment sphere has certain weaknesses that continue to overshadow thepainstaking work done by hardworking, honest and loyal men and women.Honourable Speaker,Most, if not all municipalities are known to be struggling to sustain theprovision of descent services to their communities. This situation cannot beleft unchanged if we are to make this freedom we enjoy, a worthy one for allour people. In this regard, stern measures will continue to be taken to stemcorruption and maladministration at local level. Our departments of financeand local government and traditional affairs are under instruction to workclosely with municipalities and help build capacity to meet the social anddevelopment needs of the local communities.Honourable members,7|Page 8. We note that our road infrastructure is not the best in the country. We shouldask ourselves whether the problem is the calibre of the work that Governmentmanages to buy or the lack of resources to ensure that the public serviceprovides quality services to our people. The quality of workmanship cannot becompromised upon and the right people with the right capacity must always beemployed to provide these services.Honourable Speaker,Our community development initiatives have and continue to close the socialdistance between the leadership of this province and her people. We have tocontinue with defining the partnerships which should be explored amongstdepartments and between government and other sectors of society to ensurethat our rural development initiatives make the desired impact. In doing so weshall achieve our dream of sustainable rural communities and food security forall. Surely democracy without breathable air, potable water and soil to till isempty and meaningless.Honourable members,As an ANC-led government, we love our youth, both men and women. Wewish only the best for them. The youth have an equal responsibility to ensurethat their youthfulness is invested in worthy activities that can make thembetter people. No form of pride can be derived from spending the whole night8|Page 9. drinking alcohol or exposing themselves to drugs and all sorts of criminality.These retrogressive practices and or lifestyles are the cause to gender-basedviolence and sexually transmitted diseases and could render us a countrywithout a future.Honourable Speaker,We are encouraged by the unfolding changes in the mainstreaming ofintegrated youth development through the National Youth DevelopmentAgency (NYDA). These reorganisation processes will be the cornerstone ofsustainable youth development. With the youth co-operatives currently beingimplemented in different municipalities of our province, we urge the privatesector to also come forth and use the skills of these young people.Honourable Speaker,We reiterate the words of former ANC President, Cde Oliver Tambo, acountry that does not value its youth does not be