North East Bicycle Corridor linking Chandle Hiqhway and Alexandra Parade

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A direct arterial shared path built from Chandler Highway where the Darebin, Yarra, and Anniversary Trails converge through to Alexandra Parade. Presentation to Linking Melbourne Authority Planning Panel

Text of North East Bicycle Corridor linking Chandle Hiqhway and Alexandra Parade

  • 1. North East Bicycle Corridor Linking Communities A Boroondara Bicycle Users Group proposal The need - Bicycles are used more and more for transport in Melbourne. The Yarra, Anniversary, and Darebin Creek Trails already exist but the current Yarra crossing route across the narrow Fairfield Pipe Bridge is circuitous and steep. The solution - A direct arterial shared path built from Chandler Highway where the Darebin, Yarra, and Anniversary Trails converge through to Alexandra Parade*. *This is an updated proposal of the route referred to in BBUGs original submission as the Dights Fall Trail.Version 1.0
  • 2. Benefits Transport Safety Linking communities Journey savings Page 22/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor Safe separation, good gradient Family friendlyPeninsula Link Trail shared bridge
  • 3. Benefits 2/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor Page 3 Health Family friendly Key destinations Route connections Favourable cost-benefit Gardiners Creek Trail Alexandra Parade median bike path Map 21. Plan Melbourne Riders from 8 to 80A shared trail
  • 4. Planning considerations The NEBC will link with the new shared path along Alexandra Parade1 Provide infrastructure to meet project performance requirement T1 (pedestrian and bicycle) Provide new cycling infrastructure connecting with Melbourne's northern and eastern suburbs2 The NEBC route is included in Plan Melbourne, Initiative 3.1.5, Support Walking and Cycling in Central Melbourne 3 "Create safe environments for pedestrians and bicycle riders and "Incorporate pedestrian and bicycle facilities when building other infrastructure, Ministerial Statement4 Support strategic directions in Cycling into the Future, Victorias Cycling Strategy5 including: Reduce safety risks Encourage cycling Plan networks and prioritise investments 2/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor Page 4 1$100m plus boost for Melbournes public transport - Premier of Victoria 2Walking and cycling - Linking Melbourne Authority 3Plan Melbourne, Metropolitan Planning Strategy, Victorian Government, Oct 2013. Page 80. Map 21. 4Walking, Riding and Access to Public Transport, Australian Government, Department of Infrastructure & Transport 2013, p11 5Cycling into the Future 2013-23, Victorian Government Map 21. Plan Melbourne More than 1 million Victorians ride a bike each week and trips to work by bike have grown by 5 per cent each year (2001-2011)5
  • 5. Hospital and University Precinct Current Network Poor Connections Very poor existing connection Anniversary Trail Koonung Creek Trail Darebin Creek Trail Yarra Trail Inner suburbs To: No current direct connections from: Page 52/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor CBD Inner suburbs & CBD Hospital and University Precinct
  • 6. Before: Existing route is unsafe, 1km longer and takes approx. 10 minutes more to ride Bicycle Route Before and After After: NEBC direct route is shorter, safer and much easier to ride Page 62/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor
  • 7. Steps near Chandler Highway - 7 flights with 61 steps Some Existing Route Issues The existing route deters many cyclists, particularly young and novice riders. Narrow pipe bridge across the Yarra River Narrow, steep and circuitous path with numerous sharp unsafe bends Page 72/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor Long uphill grade on Kew Boulevard could be eliminated
  • 8. NEBC Probable Catchment Area The NEBC will service a catchment area population of 211,000 within 40 minutes riding from Alexandra Parade from suburbs including Fairfield, Alphington, Kew, Ivanhoe, Bulleen, Balwyn, Hawthorn, North Balwyn, Mont Albert North, Doncaster and Heidelberg Page 82/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor Source: 2011 Census
  • 9. Route details from East to West Route starts from Yarra Trail east of Chandler Highway Under Chandler Highway and Off-Ramp From Off-Ramp towards Yarra River Yarra River Crossing Yarra River to Clifton Hill Merri Creek Crossing Under Clifton Hill Rail Line Through Hoddle Street Interchange Connect to Alexandra Parade Median shared path 2/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor Page 9
  • 10. Chandler Highway - start The starting point at the eastern end of the route leaves the existing Yarra shared trail near the Guide Dogs, east of Chandler Hwy Page 102/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor
  • 11. Chandler Highway and Off-Ramp Use unused underpass under Chandler Highway New underpass to be constructed under east bound Chandler highway off-ramp Page 112/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor
  • 12. From Off-Ramp towards Yarra River Bicycle route to be constructed behind New Jersey traffic barrier with screen above it to minimise driver distraction, noise and effect of wind gusts. Route will require earthworks to toe of batter and a small retaining wall Page 122/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor
  • 13. Yarra River Crossing Preferred treatment: Repurpose existing lanes Existing left freeway lane becomes freeway emergency lane Existing emergency lane becomes NEBC route bridge crossing behind New Jersey barrier Page 132/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor
  • 14. Yarra River Crossing Alternatives Alternative 1. No emergency stopping lane over bridge Alternative 2. Separate bike bridge over Yarra Page 142/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor
  • 15. Proposed bicycle route is outside the freeway reservation, passing the Fairfield Fly Fishing Ponds and recreational ovals Yarra River to Clifton Hill Page 152/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor Looking East from Parks Vic Office
  • 16. Merri Creek Crossing West of Groom St the route is located off- road between Alexandra Parade East with the sound barriers placed closer to the flyover piers. Page 162/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor
  • 17. Under Clifton Hill Rail Line Regrade route to provide a minimum clearance of 2.2 metres under Clifton Hill Rail bridge Page 172/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor
  • 18. Through Hoddle Street Interchange Switchback on bicycle bridge Page 182/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor * Off-road route is preferable Tunnel portal On-road bicycle route* Concept alignment of bicycle bridge through interchange Bicycle route along Alexandra Parade median Alexandra Parade Off-road shared path
  • 19. Hoddle Street Interchange Conceptual height of bicycle bridge through Hoddle Street Interchange designed to minimise the gradient Page 192/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor Road flyover approx. 17m height above ground to clear the Clifton Hill rail line. Road flyover clearance to Hoddle Street approx. 12m Indicative NEBC bike bridge is shown underneath road flyover, with 6m clearance of Hoddle Street East West Link Model illustrating NEBC route crossing Hoddle St
  • 20. Connect to Alexandra Parade Median The western end of the NEBC route connects with the shared path on the Alexandra Parade median Page 202/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor This will provide good access to the inner suburbs of Collingwood, Abbotsford, Fitzroy, Carlton, Richmond, Parkville and the CBD.
  • 21. Cost Estimate A concept cost estimate of the North East Bicycle Corridor has been prepared based on indicative plans for the East West Link released by Linking Melbourne Authority. The estimated cost is $30 million to construct NEBC works from Chandler Highway to Alexandra Parade (Wellington Street). The estimate includes provision for contingencies of 50% The NEBC project would cost considerably more if it were constructed following the completion of the East West Link. Thus, the opportunity to construct this valuable bicycle project should not be deferred. Page 212/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor
  • 22. Approaching Hoddle St Interchange looking east 2/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor Page 22 Visual concept only, design engineering has not been done. Source: Urban Circus
  • 23. Switchback below Road Flyover 2/04/2014 North East Bicycle Corridor Page 23 Visual concept only, design engineering has not been done. Source: Urban Circus