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Stories written by Michelle Finkler that have appeared in The Inlander.

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  • 1. theInlanderMARCH 2009 | Vol. 23, No. 3knowledge for newspapersMailed Tuesday Feb. 17, from Algonquin, Ill.Inform post office if it arrives after March 3. Address service requested.InlandStay currenttrainingOne investment we hold sa- with Inlandcred is our Inland Press Asso-ciation membership. Well bemore resilient through any eco- webinars nomic swing by belonging to anuts-and-bolts organizationlike Inland. Dennis Waller Publisher The Chronicle , Will unions targetWebinars are cost-effective Participation is easy Centralia/Chehalis, Wash. small newspapers?Registration is simplePresentations are topical and timelyMarch 11 | WebinarSearch Solutions forSelling Your Products Attorneys explain why it could happenMike Blinder will reveal howsearch marketing works and how By Michelle Finkleryou can easily deploy a local ASSOCIATE EDITORSmall newspapers need to beconcerned. There are going to For more, see page 21. search solution that will assist ingarnering significant new onlinebe unions that will come afterrevenue from new business cate- If you think unions only tar-different newspapers than wegories. get large newspapers, thinkwould historically think.WITH MIKE BLINDER, PRESIDENT, THE again. The old view that unionsNewspaper companies couldpotentially see an increase inAnalyzing key metrics can BLINDER GROUP, NEW PORT RICHEY, FLA.March 12 | Webinar were always interested in big companies is not true, said Bill Schurgin, partner at Sey-union activity if the Employ-ee Free Choice Act becomeslaw, Schurgin said during a re-boost financial performance Newspaper ExecutivesGuide to the Production farth Shaw LLP in Chicago.EFCA: CONTINUED ON PAGE 14 By Adolfo Mendez their worries, their concerns Waste CycleEDITOR anything that you can do to help Here is a complete yet concise ex-Union election win ratethem to survive, because they areplanation of where waste occursMore than 50 percent of workers at U.S. companies havein the production cycle. It is ex- In the good and bad times, pub- key to your survival. plained in laymens terms, withvoted in favor of unions every year since 2005.lishers should make cultivating Garry, who entered the news-logical courses of action to initi-a close relationship with their toppaper industry in 1978, is a for-ate the conversations at your own10 advertisers a prioritymeet-mer chief financial analyst at the organization, which will lead youdown the road to reduced wasteing with each of them once a Cleveland Plain Dealer and a for-at your facility.month or once a quarter, accord- mer publisher with Hirt Media. WITH TIM GARRY, PRESIDENT, NEWSPAPERing to newspaper industry veter- During a recent Inland Press We- AND PRINTING CONSULTANTS,MYPRESSREPORTS.COM, MT. GILEAD, OHIOan Tim Garry . binar, he discussed several key fi- Your top 10 advertisers arenancial and operating metricsMarch 17 | Webinarpretty tough to replace, said Gar-newspaper executives need to Selling More Strategicallyry founder and CEO of MyPress-,monitor if theyre to improveto Integrate Web,, a company that pro- their companys financial per-Learn how to better control thevides newspapers with Web-basedformance.sales process by building relation-financial management software.Key metrics has become a ships and trust quicker. Find outYour top 10 advertisers are the buzz word in our economy late- why you should be calling at high-er levels, how to locate decision-DATA COURTESY OF SEYFARTH SHAW LLPcornerstone of your enterprise ly, Garry said. What it really makers and why you must have an GRAPHIC BY MICHELLE FINKLER/ASSOCIATE EDITOR and you should really take a per-means is that youre looking atunderstanding of your customerssonal interest in their wealth, in METRICS: CONTINUED ON PAGE 8 business to be successful at sellingstrategically.RICHARD FARREL, PRESIDENT, TANGENTKNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS AND AUTHOR OF GROW CIRCULATIONIMPROVE CLASSIFIED SALESPART OF THE CELEBRATIONSELLING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITHSELLING Closely watching the numbers givesMake your newspaper a top National Nurses Week in May could circulation managers a solid base for destination for classified ads with a provide a special sectionFor details or registration assistance,contact Inland at (847) 795-0380 growing readership. reader-centered approach. opportunity for your paper.or go to PAGE 9PAGE 10 PAGES 12 AND 13Select Event Registration under theTraining heading.

2. Ideas EFCA: Employers urged to take action CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 days or more. Then, an election is 2009, Schurgin said. Their cent Inland Press Webinar.held, after which certification canchances are as good today as theyllThe Employee Free Choice Act be issued if election results dic- ever be. Theyre going to do every- will make it dramatically easi-tate.thing they can to get this done by er for unions to organize, said However, with the EFCA, oncethe end of this year. Ken Dolin, also a partner at Sey- organization begins, the union sim-Schurgin said with the new ad- farth Shaw LLP. This is not go-ply needs to obtain card-check sig-ministration, employers should ing to be great news for many em- natures from 50 percent of employ- expect increased government en- ployers. ees. Once 50 percent or more are forcement, as well as increased la-The EFCA, which would altersecured, certification is issued. Thebor and human rights protection. the National Labor Relations Act, election can take place within daysHe said now is the time for employ- is likely to pass, Schurgin said. Itand sometimes without the com- ers to start preparing for the pos- has the backing of powerful union pany even being aware of the sibility of a union targeting their lobbyists and President Obamas unions presence, Dolin . pro-union administration.Unions claim secret ballot elec-Prepare nowSchurgin and Dolin said thetions favor employers because em- EFCA would change three major ployers launch extensive anti-We need to get ahead and be aspects of labor law: it would re-union campaigns during the post- proactive before a union comes move an employers right to a se- petition period, including anti- into the picture, Schurgin said. cret ballot election, there would beunion captive audience speeches He suggested employers write increased penalties for employers and one-on-one meetings betweenletters to congressmen and sena-The Inauguration Edition published by The Virginia Gazette. The special issuewho engage in unfair labor prac- supervisors and employees, he tors. They should also try to cre-was a success, with street sales nearly doubling. PHOTO SUPPLIED tices, and it would permit the fed-said. However, Arguments by ate a workplace environment eral government to assign an ar-unions, though, ignore that unions where union organizing is unat-Inauguration Edition a bitrator and impose a two-year con- tract under certain conditions.Under current law, Dolin said are winning elections at the same rate at which they did over 30 years ago.tractive. For this, an employee at-titude survey can be helpful. Toboost morale, Schurgin said news-success at Virginia paperemployers now have the right to a secret ballot general election when deciding union representation. Passage likely The EFCA passed in the Housepapers should increase the use ofrecognition awards and publicizeaccomplishments by the paperBy Adolfo Mendez Those [advertisers] whoEFCA will eliminate secret bal-in 2007 but stalled in the Senate. Atand its employees.EDITOR lot election and will be replaced bythe time, President Bush immedi-Also, Schurgin said managers passed on it were kicking card-check recognition, he said. ately promised a veto. Unlike Bush,should take the time to evaluate The Virginia Gazette in themselves. Those whoEliminating secret ballots and the Obama administration is most the entire newspaper, all of itsWilliamsburg, Va., published In-were in it were ecstatic, replacing them with card checks likely going to make EFCA a toppolicies, employee handbooks andauguration Lessons for Ameri-especially the ones who conducted in public gives unionspriority Schurgin said., personnel manuals to identify andca, a 44-page special section, in an unfair advantage in organizing,As evidence, they offered this resolve issues now to thwart thethe Gazette on Jan. 17. chose to be on a page orbusinesses argue. Its also unde- extended quote from Presidentpossibility of a union recogniz- It was intended to succinctlyopposite a page of theirmocratic and unwise, Dolin said.Obama, taken from a speech heing any vulnerability .recall the presidency of each of favorite president. Cards are unreliable; they cangave in Dubuque, Iowa, in Novem-If you use the analogy of aPresident Obamas predecessors contain forged employee signa-ber 2007:doctor, youre conducting a com-and walk him through their suc- Bill ODonovan tures, misrepresentations and Were ready to take the offense plete physical of the entire com-cesses and failures, said Publish-threats. Even if there are no for-for organized labor Its time we have. pany he said.,er Bill ODonovan. One recur- whom I persuaded to partici-geries, misrepresentations anda president who didnt choke say- Schurgin also suggested edu-ring lesson learned is to pick bet-pate, ODonovan said. Their threats, employees may feel pres- ing the word union. We need to cation of supervisors and employ-ter cabinet members. Another ischallenge was keeping withinsured in the presence of a unionstrengthen our unions by letting ees on the impact of unions andto watch your health, and to wear300 words, which all but two did.solicitor, Dolin said. them do what they do best organ- the newspapers position on them,a bulletproof vest, he added.The section also was prof-With the card-check system,ize our workers. If a majority oflawfully urging them not to sign The edition was inserted initable, he said. We only grossed Schurgin said it would be more at-workers want a union, they shouldbecause theres no secondour Satu