Frank Gunder Frank: A Closer Look

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Frank's Development of Underdevelopment EXPLAINED


  • 1.By: April Van E. Diwata11/27/20131

2. Underdevelopment, is not a product of certain internal deficiencies The root cause of underdevelopment in the dependency perspective is economic dependency11/27/20132 3. The concepts of development and underdevelopment have meaning only when applied to nations within the capitalist world-economy. Metropolis and Satellite11/27/20133 4. The flow of economic surplus in the worldeconomy is from the satellite (periphery) to the metropolis (core), and the worldeconomy is organized to make this happen development of underdevelopment11/27/20134 5. While the members of developed nations do benefit from this, since, their standard of living is raised substantially. But the greatest benefits go to capitalists in the metropolitan countries, as well as to the agricultural and industrial elites of the satellite countries11/27/20135 6. 11/27/20136 7. Jeffrey, Emeh Ikechukwu Eke. (2012). A Discourse on Andre Gunder Franks Contribution to the Theory and Study of Development and Underdevelopment. Greener Journal of Biological Sciences, Vol. 2 (3), pp. 052-065. Retrieved from h.pdf11/27/20137