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  • 1. 1984 TONE COMPARISON By Gavin and Virgil
  • 2. TOTALITARIANISM Within 1984, one of the main themes revolved around totalitarianism; with Oceania being a state where the party held complete and total power over its people. Totalitarianism was expressed in a dystopia thus to show the world of the dangers of communism. During the time in which Orwell was writing this novel communism was on the rise in Europe, what Orwell wished to display is the dangers of how a communist state that claims complete control over the population can turn into a fascist dystopia that takes away the freedom of its citizens. Orwell described Oceania in a way to portray his views on how he believed a totalitarian communist state may proceed if left unchecked. Orwell unfortunately was correct in his ideals, watching the rise and fall of communism in Europe, and other countries such as North Korea which may have started well but ended in a totalitarian fascist state where its citizens are left without freedom.
  • 3. PROPAGANDA A major factor in the Party's rule over Oceania lies in its extremely well organized and effective propaganda machine. All facts, documents and news articles are dictated by the Ministry. The section in control of this is called the Ministry of Truth, which is ironic for the truth is altered to be pro -party. The party has total control of information given to the public, all of which is altered to present a pro-Big Brother agenda The partys propaganda is given in many different medias, two of which are two minutes hate, as well as telescreen broadcasting. The way way Orwell presents the power of propaganda is a prime example of its power and efficiency in obtaining control of entire populations.
  • 4. TECHNOLOGY The main use of technology in 1984 is shown primarily through the use of telescreens; which were the thought polices main tool in controlling the population. Technological advances in all three superstates have primarily stopped. They use the same weapons used decades before, and dont allow people to think for themselves or use their mental abilities towards scientific and technological advances, therefore no advancements that the state doesnt do themselves doesnt appear. The state only funds and allows certain scientists they deem acceptable to be able to move to one of the parties many research facilities and work on state accepted projects to aid in military advances, although nothing seems to ever come of it. The party also claims past inventions for themselves such as the airplane and the helicopter to further push their citizens love for their country and the firmer belief that the party knows best for its citizens.
  • 5. LANGUAGE Newspeak is the language invented by the party, Its creation eliminates words that the party has deemed useless or anti-Big Brother. The party uses newspeak as a form of mind control, the belief is that there cant be negative thoughts without negative words. The Ministrys goal is to eliminate anti-party thoughts entirely. Without the ability to think freely the Ministry would have full control over the population of Oceania By removing the nations original language, they are erasing its past and what hope they had left of obtaining their original lifestyle and freedoms
  • 6. IDENTITY For party members all sence of individuality have been removed. They must all wear the same clothes, ive in the same places, eat and drink the same things, and as the party is trying so desperately to do, have all members think the same. Therefore for members such as Winston and Julia; the only way to escape and express themselves is in the comfort of their hiding places, such as the room above Mr. Carrington's shop. As the party must have it, even all facial expressions must be unanimous, therefore they are trying to remove by all sense of the word, originality. Ironically they even removed the word from Ingsoc. It is for these such reasons Winston writes in his diary, to openly express his opinions which he would otherwise be illegal to do. Winston simply craves the ability to be original.
  • 7. LOVE The partys goal is to suppress all forms of love and affection, sex is referred to as duty to the party and is performed purely for procreation. The party sees no need for love unless it is directed fully towards big brother, even then the romanticism is gone and love is expressed in loyalty. Winstons relationship with Julia is both emotional and physical, he expresss love towards her which was never expressed towards his ex-wife Katherine Memories of mother describe her love for him and his sister, for she protected them from the aftereffects of the revolution. Love is powerful, for that is something that cannot be taken. Love is one of the remaining freedoms that Winston has before his relationship with Julia was discovered.