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Top Mobile App Developers NYC (iPhone, iOS & Android)

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FUELEDThe Fueled team is united by an unwavering passion for quality. We are a team of developers, designers, and strategists passionately pursuing the bleeding, hairsplitting, cutting edge of mobile apps. We're not here to work on just any apps or for any client. We come to work in the morning to build the best apps for the best clients. It's what makes us tick.

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SMALL PLANET Small Planet Digital is a Brooklyn, NY agency that designs and develops world-class iOS and Android applications. We've delivered over 60 apps since our founding in 2009, for clients like General Motors, Paramount, Disney, Design Observer, UNC, Oakley, The NPD Group, Fujifilm, Hearst, Time, Discovery Communications, Smithsonian, and others.

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SFCDSFCD is a digital product agency based in New York. From mobile apps and websites to enterprise-grade systems, we apply our expertise across platforms and screens. Disciplines: Product strategy, branding and identity, user experience and user interface design, prototyping, mobile and web development, motion graphics.Our approach: A small and focused team, led by a partner, working directly with you. Unparalleled quality in every detail, each step of the way.

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SWARMWe conceptualize, design and develop applications for startups, growth companies and enterprise clients. Our mobile app design and development process is centered around customer experience and creating value for all stakeholders. The products we create resonate with users across iPhone, iPad, Android, Wearable, Web and Smart TV applications, are consistently featured in media and win awards.

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BLUE LABEL LABSBlue Label Labs is a 27-person mobile, tablet and watch app design and development consultancy based NYC. We’ve partnered with entrepreneurs and design/digital agencies to build over 80 iOS, Android and Windows-based apps. We can help with everything from design and development through pre-launch PR/marketing and post-launch maintenance. We've built everything from mobile games and Apple Watch Apps to enterprise utilities and health care tablet apps.

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MOJOTECHFounded in 2008, MojoTech is a full-service software design and development agency headquartered in Providence, RI with offices in New York City, and Boulder. MojoTech creates web and mobile applications and augments existing corporate development teams. A global company with a client base that ranges from early-stage start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, MojoTech's award-winning team is composed of engineers, designers, and strategists led by CEO Nick Kishfy.

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Y MEDIA LABSAt Y Media Labs, our mission is simple: To help our clients see what they cannot see themselves. We work alongside elite brands to uncover what we believe to be simple truths: that all roads lead to mobile. That their limitations are nothing but an illusion. That they should dream bigger. And most importantly, that they’re underestimating how an amazing mobile experience can revolutionize the way they interact with their customers.

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APPLICOApplico is trailblazing a new type of client services firm, the Platform Innovation™ Company. After five years, we scaled to become one of the largest and most successful app developers in the world. However, our values didn’t let us rest on our laurels. We realized that existing companies’ cultures and shareholders often didn’t enable them to proactively transform their business models to capitalize on the Connected Revolution™.

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TENDIGITendigi is a mobile design and development firm based out of DUMBO Brooklyn, NY that works closely with other businesses on a wide variety of mobile applications. The company was founded in 2009 by former Apple Inc. engineers during the infancy of the Apple App Store. Since its founding, Tendigi has become a premiere mobile design and development firm in New York City. Apps created by Tendigi have been featured by Apple and covered by prominent news organizations and websites such as Wired, MSNBC, The Verge, Mashable and TechCrunch.

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FUZZFuzz is a full-service digital partner that designs, develops, and delivers digital experiences on mobile and the web. Since 2001, Fuzz has built more than 100 web projects, 170 iPhone & iPad apps, and 60 Android apps, totaling more than 70 million downloads. We create digital experiences with a single goal: making digital products people want to use. We innovate straight from our offices in Brooklyn, NY, and Northampton, MA. Fuzz focuses on mobile apps and websites, combining our creativity with our expertise in web, apps, and digital strategy.


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HAPPYFUNCORPHappyFunCorp (HFC) is a software engineering firm headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. We’re a happy family of 52 smart, talented, and yet humble engineers, designers and product architects. Engineering has been and always will be what drives everyone at HappyFunCorp. We believe in holistically building cutting edge products. We build for the web, mobile, and really anything on the internet.