Native apps vs Web apps

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What are the main advantages and disadvantages of native and web apps? You should know the difference before creating your app.

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2. You have a million-dollar app idea, but now you have todecide how exactly it is gonna workYour appnative appweb app 3. NATIVE APPS ROCKAllow function with noInternet connectionImproved performanceand additionalfunctionality (pushnotifications, device camera)Distributed via appstores (Apple iTunes, GooglePlay, Windows Store, etc.) 4. Developing only onenative app excludesusers on other platformsRequire users todownload and installupdatesCan require considerablymore time and money todevelop for multipleplatformsNATIVE APPS SUCK 5. But what aboutWEB APPS? 6. Allow a single version to bedeveloped and run on multipleplatforms (Android, Apple iOS,Windows Mobile)May be updated instantly onthe server side for rapiddeploymentWEB APPS ROCK 7. Require Internetconnection to function,and may performerratically on low qualitydata connectionDo not support DigitalRights Management(DRM), backgroundprocessing, or securestorage and pushnotificationsHTML5 adoption isfragmented acrossplatforms and web appsmay not renderconsistentlyWEB APPS SUCK 8. You should make your choice considering: Target audience Required functionality Your budget 9. CONTACT ITM HOUSEfor a free