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  1. 1. Welcome to Go getapps
  2. 2. About us..We have experience in three best part ofMobile development:- Design:- We generate visual, responsivearchetypes that demonstrate all of the mainscreens and utility of futuristic apps. Programming:- The conclusion and authorization ofthe prototype is followed by the arrangement ofits trial version, which you will be able to test andevaluate. App store:-We ensure proper distribution of eachversion of your application to be included in appstores, and also advise you on marketing andendorsement.
  3. 3. Development Mobile application development is the process bywhich application software is developed for low-powerhandheld devices, such as personal digital assistants,enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. Theseapplications can be pre-installed on phones duringmanufacturing, downloaded by customers from variousmobile software distribution platforms, or deliveredas web applications using server-side or client-sideprocessing (e.g. JavaScript) to provide an "application-like"experience within a Web browser.continue
  4. 4. Application software developers also have toconsider a lengthy array of screen sizes,hardware specifications and configurationsbecause of intense competition in mobilesoftware and changes within each of theplatforms. Mobile app development has beensteadily growing, both in terms of revenues andjobs created. A 2013 analyst report estimatesthere are 529,000 direct App Economy jobswithin the EU 28 members, 60% of which aremobile app developers.
  5. 5. iOS Development
  6. 6. Android Development Android softwaredevelopment is theprocess by which newapplications are createdfor the Androidoperating system.Applications are usuallydeveloped in the Javaprogramming languageusing the AndroidSoftware DevelopmentKit, but otherdevelopment tools areavailable.
  7. 7. BlackBerry OS BlackBerry OS is aproprietary mobileoperating systemdeveloped by BlackBerryLtd for its BlackBerry lineof Smartphone handhelddevices. The operatingsystem providesmultitasking and supportsspecialized input devicesthat have been adopted byBlackBerry Ltd. for use inits handhelds, particularlythe trackwheel, trackball,and most recently, thetrackpad and touchscreen.
  8. 8. Windows Development Windows Vista is anoperating system byMicrosoft for use onpersonal computers,including home andbusiness desktops,laptops, tablet PCs, andmedia center PCs. Priorto its announcement onJuly 22, 2005, WindowsVista was known by itscodename "Longhorn".
  9. 9. Game DevelopmentVideo game developmentis the process ofcreating a video game.Development isundertaken by a gamedeveloper, which mayrange from a singleperson to a largebusiness. Traditionalcommercial PC andconsole games arenormally funded by apublisher and takeseveral years to develop.
  10. 10. Educational Apps The mobile apps developedby the creative team ofengineers at,are highly interesting but atthe same time are alsoeducational. Through themedium of such games,users are able to gain a lotof skill and knowledge aboutthe theme of the applicationand at the same time, areoffered with a range ofhighly lucrative developmentservice.
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