Five Best Cell Phones For Senior Citizens

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1. FIVE BEST CELL PHONES FOR SENIORCITIZENS Offerilla 08:20 phones for seniorsFor elderly people, using a normal mobile phone is quite a task in itself. Here we havechosen the best phones for the elderly.SSnnaappffoonn EEzz TTwwooHOME 2. Snapfon Ez TwoOf all the phones that I researched for this article, this is the only one tthhaattss eexxpplliicciittllyymmaaddee wwiitthh sseenniioorrss iinn mmiinndd.. VViissiittiinngg tthhee wweebbssiittee sshhoowwss tthhaatt iittss ttaagg lliinnee iiss tthhee cceellll pphhoonneeffoorr sseenniioorrss ssoo oobbvviioouussllyy tthhee ddeessiiggnneerrss kknneeww tthheerree wwaass aa mmaarrkkeett ffoorr tthhiiss kkiinndd ooff ddeevviiccee..FFeeaattuurreess --Senior cell phone features include: speaking keypad, big buttons, enhanced volumeand full color screen.Talk time 3-5 hours, standby 90-120 hours. No accidental dialing with keypad lockswitchBluetooth enabled and Hearing Aid Compatible (M3/T3)2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 mHz - NOT compatible with Verizon or Sprint.Available with Snapfon Service: oneCall moble 24-7 Mobile Urgent Monitoring ServiceDDoorroo 441100 3. Another phone that is built with seniors in mind, the Doro 410 is aa ssoommeewwhhaatt ssmmaalllleerr,,sslleeeekkeerr ddeevviiccee tthhaann tthhee SSnnaappffoonn EEzz OOnnee.. IItt uusseess aa fflliipp--pphhoonnee ddeessiiggnn aanndd hhaass ssmmooootthheeddggeess tthhaatt mmaakkee iitt eeaassiieerr ttoo sslliipp iinn aanndd oouutt ooff aa ppoocckkeett oorr bbaagg.. IInn ootthheerr wwoorrddss,, iitt llooookksslliikkee aa ffaaiirrllyy nnoorrmmaall pphhoonnee..FFeeaattuurreess --Flip phone in burgundy that's great for seniors--large separated buttons, easy-to-readcolor display, and emergency SOS buttonMultiple flexible and low-cost pre-paid plans with no contract required; easy upgradefor when you need more minutes; discounts to AARP membersAccess to text messaging; Bluetooth and speakerphone for hands-freecommunication; FM radioUp to 4 hours of talk time, up to 280 hours (11+ days) of standby time; released inOctober, 2009SSaammssuunngg JJiitttteerrbbuugg 4. TThhee JJiitttteerrbbuugg iiss Samsungs eennttrryy iinnttoo tthhee eeaassyy--ttoo--uussee pphhoonnee mmaarrkkeett.. IIttss bbeeeenn aarroouunnddffoorr ssoommee ttiimmee aanndd ggeenneerraallllyy rreecceeiivveedd ggoooodd rreevviieewwss oovveerr iittss lliiffee.. WWhhiillee tthhee eexxtteerriioorrffeeaattuurreess aa jjeellllyy--bbeeaann lliikkee ddeessiiggnn,, fflliippppiinngg iitt ooppeenn rreevveeaallss aann iinntteerriioorr tthhaatt hhaass llaarrggeebbuuttttoonnss aanndd aann LLCCDD wwiitthh bbiigg,, hhiigghh--ccoonnttrraasstt tteexxtt..FFeeaattuurreess --Backlit keypad with bigger buttons and a bright color screenEasy to navigate with simple "YES" or "NO" buttonsOne-touch access to an Operator, who can help manage your Calendar or PhoneBookPowered by one of the nation's largest and most dependable wireless networks24/7 US-Based Customer Service for no additional feesNNookkiiaa CC22--0011..55 5. Though not designed for seniors, the Nokia C2-01.5 has many features tthhaatt wwiillll aappppeeaallttoo tthheemm.. IItt iiss aa ssiimmppllee,, bbaassiicc pphhoonnee wwiitthh aann eeaassyy ttoo uussee llaayyoouutt.. IItt ddooeessnntt hhaavvee llaarrggee kkeeyyssoorr aa ddiissppllaayy tthhaatt oonnllyy uusseess llaarrggee tteexxtt,, bbuutt tthhiiss aallssoo mmeeaannss tthhaatt iiff ooffffeerrss mmoorreeffuunnccttiioonnaalliittyy..FFeeaattuurreess --Quad-band GSM cell phone compatible with 850/900/1800/1900 frequencies andUS/International 3G compatibility via 900/1900/2100 UMTS/HSDPA (AT&T)3G-enabled candybar phone with easy access to e-mail and social networks;customize with apps from the Ovi Store3.2-megapixel camera/camcorder; Bluetooth stereo music; microSD memoryexpansion to 16 GB; media player and FM radioUp to 4.5 hours of talk time, up to 450 hours (18.75 days) of standby time; released inMarch, 2011What's in the Box: handset, rechargeable battery, charger, stereo headset, quickstart guide3.2 MP camera with 4x digital zoom; view pics on the crystal clear 2 inch QVGAdisplay, and then share them via MMS, your favorite social network, email or IM 6. JJuusstt FFiivveeWhen it comes to mobiles for seniors, all phones feature a big keypad and bigcharacter display. The major benefit of this phone is the emergency response feature,but in India you won't be able to use it.Features -Extremely Easy to UseBig ButtonsAmplified SoundPersonal Emergensy Response System (PERS)Do you know of a great phone for a senior that isnt listed here? LLeeaavvee aa ccoommmmeenntt aannddlleett eevveerryyoonnee kknnooww aabboouutt iitt!! II sseelleecctteedd tthhee pphhoonneess aabboovvee ccaarreeffuullllyy,, bbuutt II hhaadd ttoo ccuutt oouuttssoommee ddeecceenntt ddeevviicceess iinn tthhee pprroocceessss..


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