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Fairket App Monetization For Developers

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Fairket offers renting as an option to consumers to enable premium experience in an app - i.e. ad free and fully unlocked. Rental charges are strictly based on actual time of use and start as low as half a cent per minute. Kids apps and Casual games are the top two app categories that are available as rentable apps. Fairket and all the rentable apps can be freely downloaded from Google Play, by any consumer globally. This presentation explains how app developers can unlock revenue potential in their apps by offering rent as an option to their consumers for enabling premium experience. For consumer perspective, please download

Text of Fairket App Monetization For Developers

  • 1. Premium App Rentals Increase Paying Users Supported by Microsoft Ventures India

2. Premium App Time for Rent Ad free, fully unlocked buy experience, not apps Rent 200 mins for $1.00 Kids Apps Casual Games ... 3. Whales Dolphins (Opportunity) Minnows Market Opportunity 6% earn >$25k per month $500 per month 64% earn

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