Better UX & Better Revenue with Linkify on your mobile app/site

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  • 1. Studio Ousia Better UX & Better Revenue with Linkify on your mobile app/site
  • 2. What is Linkify?
  • 3. 1. Better UX: Simplify mobile search 2. Better Revenue: Monetize text contents Linkify is a SDK that gives you
  • 4. 1. Better UX Simplify mobile search
  • 5. Mobile search is important and is rapidly increasing
  • 6. - Select Text - Copy Text - Open Browser - Tap Search Box - Paste Text Looking Up Words Now Way too much trouble
  • 7. - Tap Link Looking Up Words with Linkify Simple as that
  • 8. 1. Our state of the art AI selects interesting keywords 2. Keywords are turned into links ready to be tapped 3. Users can look up words without leaving app/site How We Do Better UX
  • 9. 2. Better Revenue Monetize text contents
  • 10. Monetization Now Mainly banner ads, Text content is not monetized Ad Limited and often irrelevant Ad
  • 11. Monetization with Linkify Text contents generate links to afliates and sponsored searches Unlimited and yet relevant
  • 12. 1. Links show users widgets with search engines 2. Developers can use Amazon Associates or Google Adsense to monetize based on the text How We Do Better Revenue
  • 13. [webView stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString:@"(function() {" "if (!window.linkifyLoaded) {" "var d = document;" "var s = d.createElement('script');" "s.type = 'text/javascript';" "s.src = '';" "d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s);" "window.linkifyLoaded = true;" "}" "})()" ]; Sample iOS code Linkify is easy to implement just insert a few lines of code
  • 14. Java for Android Objective-C for iOS JavaScript for Titanium and HTML pages Linkify Is Available On Many Platforms
  • 15. Linkify is customizable change links & widgets to t your app/site
  • 16. Linkify Team
  • 17. We Make Linkify Ikuya Yamada Co-founder, CTO Yasuhiro Watanabe Co-founder Tomotaka Ito Software Engineer Ayae Hirata Marketing Director Shin Usami Software Engineer Shinsuke Takagi Software Engineer
  • 18. Get Started Now! Or Contact Us At Thank You!