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  • The ASO Guide

    Wilson Peng@artofwarbiz

  • App store optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in the app store

  • Why App Store Optimization?

    According to Forrester, 63% of apps are discovered through app store searches.

  • If youre not using ASO to increase your apps search ranking, youre missing out on the largest

    discovery channel available to your app. - Kissmetrics

  • What To Focus On For A Better ASO?






  • Keywords

    Extremely Important

    Search For Keywords That Rank High

    Include keyword in Title for better ASO

    Monitor Competitors keywords

    Dont use long keywords

  • Keyword Research Tool

    Make your life easier by using tools to do keyword research!

  • Mobile Actions Free ASO Keyword Research Tool

    Analyze the data!!

  • Check Competitors Keywords

  • Titles

    Include Keyword in Title

    Keep it short (you dont want it to get chopped)

    Be creative for branding purposes

  • Reviews

    Encourage Loyal Users To Write Reviews

    Push Notification For Reviews

    Good review = higher retention rate

    Update frequently and fix bugs

  • Screenshots

    One of the first things people look at

    Make sure its clear and describes your app

    Show the main functions of the app

    Localize Screenshots

    Add explainers to screenshots

  • Use explainers in your screenshots!

  • Icons

    Use Icons That Represent Your Brand

    Keep it simple

    Dont use words

    1024 x 1024

    Add Borders (get creative)

  • Flat icons!!

  • Descriptions Come up with a strong copy

    Include social proof

    Localize description

    Dont use more than 99 characters(it gets chopped!)

    Use powerful keywords

    First line is most crucial

  • Updates

    Constant Update Increases Retention

    Keeps users happy and loyal

    Encourages better review

    Encourages referrals

    Fix bugs

    Increases security

  • Big startups are always updating their app for bug fixes!

  • Thanks for viewing! :)

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