Young Marketers Elite 3 Graduation Presentation - Bottom Up

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<ul><li><p>CASE REVIEW </p><p>OBJECTIVES </p><p> Re-positioning MOMO e-wallet </p><p> Build product &amp; marketing strategy for MOMO in 3 years with new positioning </p><p> Build first marketing campaign to re-launch MOMO. </p><p> 10,000,000 consumers awareness </p><p> 300,000 new active users </p><p> No.1 e-wallet in Vietnam </p><p> 3,000,000 active users </p><p>3 YEARS AFTER </p><p>RE-LAUNCHING </p><p>LAUNCHING </p><p>CAMPAIGN </p></li><li><p>AND WE WANT TO </p><p>MAKE IT HAPPENS </p><p>HERE IN VIETNAM </p><p>E-wallet will replace traditional wallet </p><p>In the near future </p></li><li><p>WHY WE ARE SO SURE ABOUT IT? </p><p>Euromonitor report in 2015 | Moore Corporation KPBC Internet Trends 2015 | Nielsen Research Vietnam </p><p>1.1 bil USD </p><p>0.71% per </p><p>year </p><p>SIZE GROWTH </p><p>58% Digital natives </p><p>145% Mobile penetration </p></li><li><p>E-WALLET WITH SUPERIOR FEATURES </p><p>1. Manage all cash-in and out </p><p>3. Peer to peer transfer </p><p>2. Retail pay </p><p>4. Mobile topup </p><p>5. Bill payment </p><p>6. Online shopping </p><p>But the most </p><p>important one </p><p>REAL TIME DATA </p></li><li><p>REAL TIME DATA </p><p>Real time insight </p><p>Real time actions </p><p>No longer demo graph </p><p>Now taste graph </p><p> Enable us to interact with </p><p>consumers in an very </p><p>personal way </p><p>LOCATION </p><p>GRAPH </p><p>We know </p><p>where they </p><p>are </p><p>INTEREST </p><p>GRAPH </p><p>We know </p><p>what they </p><p>buy </p><p>AUDIENCE </p><p>GRAPH </p><p>We know </p><p>who they are </p><p>INTENT </p><p>GRAPH </p><p>We know </p><p>what they </p><p>like </p></li><li><p> MoMo smart wallet that gives recommendation </p><p>for your daily payment habit </p><p>OPTIMIZE DAILY PAYMENT </p><p>PRODUCT CONCEPT </p></li><li><p>MILLENIALS </p><p> Age 21-29, Urban, sec BC+ </p><p> Personality: </p><p>Young and always in the know </p><p> Carefree, dare to take risk </p><p> Behavior: </p><p>Mostly pay with cash, owning at least 1 credit/debit card but use it mostly for withdrawing money. </p><p>Spend money mostly on Food &amp; Drink, Shopping.. </p><p>WHY WE CHOOSE THEM? </p><p> Accounting for 35% Vietnam population </p><p> 2.5 times more likely to be early adopters of technology. </p><p>KPCB report </p><p>TARGET CONSUMERS </p></li><li><p>CONSUMER TRUTH </p><p>They crave more experiences </p><p>82% attended in a variety of live experiences in the past year. </p><p>72% would like to increase their spending on experiences rather than physical things in the next year. </p><p>But their daily life is monotonous </p><p>CATEGORY TRUTH </p><p>Smart wallet that optimizes your daily payment. </p><p>INSIGHT </p><p>Because experience is the greatest treasure of youth, I always want to have more new experiences every day. But new experience often costly so cant always do that. </p><p>INSIGHT </p></li><li><p>Age 21-29, balanced </p><p>gender, urban, sec </p><p>BC+, who crave more </p><p>experiences but worry </p><p>about cost </p><p>New interesting </p><p>experiences </p><p>everyday in </p><p>specified budget. </p><p>Big data &amp; analysis </p><p>algorithm. </p><p>E-wallet that </p><p>understanding your </p><p>daily payment habits </p><p>and recommend you </p><p>the best budget-fit </p><p>experiences. </p><p>Unique RTB What need </p><p>BRAND ESSENCE </p><p>MAXIMIZE YOUR DAILY EXPERIENCE </p><p>To Whom </p><p>BRAND POSITIONING </p></li><li><p>BRAND WHEEL </p><p>BRAND INFRASTRUCTURE </p><p>MAXIMIZE </p><p>YOUR DAILY </p><p>EXPERIENCE </p><p>Personality Discriminator </p><p>RTB Benefit </p><p>Root strength </p><p>Competitive environment </p><p>Target </p><p>Brand insight </p><p>Aged 21-29, Young, carefree, </p><p>dare to take risk. who crave more </p><p>experiences but worry about cost </p><p>Other e-wallet </p><p>(Timo, MobiVi, </p><p>Moca), raditional </p><p>wallet </p><p>Database </p><p>Because experience is the greatest treasure of youth, I always </p><p>want to have more new experiences every day. But often </p><p>costly new experience so I do not always do that. Carefree, Fun </p><p>Loving experience </p><p>Live for now </p><p>Real time data </p><p>Big data &amp; </p><p>analysis </p><p>algorithm. </p><p>Function: </p><p>Optimize daily </p><p>payment </p><p>Emotional: live the </p><p>max experience </p><p>BRAND KEY </p></li><li><p>Automatically </p><p>payment </p><p>Group sharing </p><p>payment </p><p>Customized payment </p><p>Pre-ordering </p><p>Price comparison </p><p>Less payment </p><p>Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 </p><p>Objective: attracting </p><p>consumer to use app </p><p>Advanced payment </p><p>Advanced </p><p>Recommendation </p><p>QR code </p><p>Coin fund </p><p>Recommendation best deal </p><p>(relevant, favorite &amp; cheap) </p><p>Objective: maintaining consumers </p><p>PORTFOLIO </p></li><li><p>PRODUCT </p><p>Data tracking and </p><p>recommendations. </p><p>PRICE </p><p>Source of business </p><p>- Data &amp; Insight: Understanding transaction amount/time, daily </p><p>payment habits &amp; motivation of consumers: </p><p>+ Mobile marketing targeted by payment habits. </p><p>+ Reach out to new customers with Momo. </p><p>- Charge fee </p><p> PLACE </p><p>Convienience Stores, shopping </p><p>stores, coffee shop, medium and </p><p>high restaurants... </p><p>PROMOTION </p><p> PACKAGING </p><p>- Keep old color of </p><p>MoMo: Purpule </p><p>- Add 1 button: </p><p>Coint Fun (to clarify 1st feature) </p><p>MARKETING MIX </p></li><li><p>OBJECTIVE: </p><p>- Marketing Objective: Increase penetration to 300.000 active users </p><p>- Communication Objective: Raise awareness about MoMo as an e-wallet that optimizes your daily payment </p><p>INSIGHT: </p><p> I want to use my vouchers or all </p><p>accumulated point promotion on </p><p>time and wherever I go </p><p>TARGET: </p><p> - First jobbers belong to millennial, 22 </p><p> 25 y.o, </p><p>- Always seek for new experience in </p><p>life, high tech savvy </p><p>OBSERVATION: </p><p> Accumulated point promotion </p><p>often expires </p><p>before I can use it </p><p>FACT: -7/10 first jobber said that they feel </p><p>its is wasteful when they cannot </p><p>used up all their vouchers or </p><p>membership card </p><p>-6/10 said that I they often receive </p><p>vouchers that are not their favorite </p><p>RELAUNCHING CAMPAIGN </p></li><li><p>JUMPING COINS </p><p>Key message: Take and exchange coins wherever you want </p><p>Exchange coins at any stores having partnership with MoMo </p><p>Phase 1 Phase 2 </p><p>Objective Trigger the pain when realizing </p><p>that membership card expired </p><p>before using </p><p>Call to use MoMo to take </p><p>and exchange coins </p><p>Message Expiring voucher is a pain. Use </p><p>MoMo now! </p><p>Take and exchange coins </p><p>with MoMo </p><p>Key hook TVC, PR, Social Media In-store activation </p></li><li><p>THANK YOU </p><p>10/15/2016 </p></li></ul>