X-Series: Metrics 2014: Smart Data and Social Media

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Presentation from Franz Fontaine, VP Strategy, Seevibes at IAB Canada's X-Series Metrics 2014 in Toronto: Its a fact; television is one of the most talked about subjects in social media. Capturing and harnessing the enriched social data around these conversations is a key variable when planning and buying TV. Its basically the only proof of engagement of a television property. Franz explores data availability (it is available!) and how the enrichment process can deliver empirical units of TV performance. Understanding the interests/consumption habits of the Social TV audience provides actionable insights that can be empirically measured against sound KPIs. Franz looks at the LOral use case, key takeaways and the opportunity of social TV audience retargeting.


PowerPoint Presentation


December 4th, 2014Franz Fontaine Vice-President Strategy SMART DATA & SOCIAL MEDIAHow can digital specialists help TV planners and buyers become more efficient and what are the retargeting opportunities derived from that same Data

Confidentiel Copyright Seevibes 2011 - 2014vBeyond The TV Audience@Seevibes-Hi, my name is Franz Fontaine (VP Strategy @ Seevibes) Pleasure being here with my colleague Pablo Gerstenfeld, Director of Research-Since 2011 Seevibes has been in the business of measuring the Social TV Audience and now offering data retargeting opportunities.-**Today, how is the landscape of TV planning is changing and how can digital specialist help planners and buyer do a better job and by the same token; new opportunities of retargeting in social mediaSocial Media Key figures15M active users* 20 millions users*

*Source Facebook Ads (not included Qubec) / **Seevibes: Jan/March 2014*Source Twitter Ads / **Seevibes: Jan./March 201418% Brands**35% TV**65% TV**

7 Millions users*

23% Brands**vBeyond The TV Audience@SeevibesHuge Opportunity ! why?

70% of all Canadians are on the internet

Close to 1/2 of the conversations in social media is about and around TV

70% of all Canadians are on the internet

50% of all Canadian population is on facebook18% is on Twitter70% of all internet users are on Facebook23% on Twitter

The opportunity behind Social Media #@keywords#@keywords@#@keywords#@keywords#@





Twitter: all data is publicTwitter metadata: profile details: User ids; screen name, description, number of followers, interactions: (tweets content, timestamp, languages) applications, devices and geolocation.

Facebook: only public data is available like public Facebook pages ie the Glee Page (Interaction on public pages)Facebook metadata: User ids, screen name, timestamp, interactions; including parental interactions (for comments and likes) and gender. I.E all the interaction on the Glee Facebook page

Not available: detail of Fans of the page, number of friends of users interacting

A. Data Harvesting: discover preferences by analyzing engagement on Social Media regarding pertinent subjects - now we filter Data of interest. Twitter: All engaged profiles using keywords (#), accounts (@) and mentions: positive sentiment analysis only (Why?)All followers from accounts Facebook only engaged profiles on public pagesEngagement: posts, comments, likes

B. Then we do cross analysis of the audience affinities for TV shows and brands: this is how we start putting the puzzle together (WHY TV: THIS IS WHAT WE TALK ABOUT IN THE MORNING)

TV Shows:60% of all TV shows have a Facebook page of all major canadian broadcasters ; CTV, CBC, SRC, TVA, Tele QC90% of all primetime shows have a Facebook page. what about Twitter?

Brands:95% of the top 500 Canadian B2C brands have a Facebook page - Using a product category is also insightful

Interest:Other areas - i.e. : Psychographic profiles i.e. Personas

Also we know:More engagement on TV shows and 3 times more engaged79% of all profiles who engage on brands also engage on TV showsAnd 85% of these engagement represent 85% of the overall impressions

Key Performance Indicators : The Data Analysis Dragons Den Social AudienceBrands Social AudienceAffinityRate Intersection of social audience X and Y Social Audience X

22%Financial Services AffinityvBeyond The TV Audience@SeevibesAffinity rate: The objective is to expose the level of affinity of social audience X relative to social audience Y. Where affinities can include: (Area of Interest, Brands, TV shows, product categories, etc) - The ratio of the affinity for a certain population engaged towards a TV show over a population that has an affinity towards a certain subject.

Ultimately: comparing the affinity of the financial service category in DD against all other TV shows across all broadcasters

Dragons Den engagement towards the Financial Services Product Category.

Initially :What is X?What is Y?What is the intersection #?

Key Performance Indicators : Deriving the IndexAverage Affinity Rate of all audiences relative to audience YAffinity Rate of audience X relative to audience Y

173Financial Services Affinity IndexvBeyond The TV Audience@SeevibesNow if we want to bring this to a common currency because we have comparable data

Affinity Index: positioning on the market

Baseline of 100 is = to what population in absolute numbers?

12.7% is overall affinity of all TV audience of all TV shows in the Canadian market towards financial services. Therefore 12.7% = 100 baseline

Therefore : 22%/12.7 = 1,73 or 173 over index Therefore DD over index at 173 in Financial Services Category

TV Shows & Other Brand Categories ExamplesTV ShowChannelAffinity Index1The Mom ShowSlice5412Entertainment TonightGlobalTV4553RedemptionHBO Canada4524ChoppedFood Network4365The Real Housewives of NYCSlice392TOP 5 TV Shows Food CategoryOn Twitter

vBeyond The TV Audience@SeevibesTV Shows & Other Brand Categories ExamplesTV ShowChannelAffinity Index1IndyCar RacingSportsnet / CityTV4592NASCAR RacingTSN3653Fast N LoudDiscovery Channel3034Canada AMCTV2255CBC NewsCBC163TOP 5 TV Shows Automobile CategoryOn FACEBOOK

vBeyond The TV Audience@SeevibesTV Show & Brand example

LPGA Tour GolfRecipe to richesPower & PoliticsF1 RacingKevin Newman ShowChasing The SaturdaysDr. HouseDegrassiAround the hornPeople Choice Awards2925292315192530


@Seevibes Actionable insight to better invest on TV

vBeyond The TV Audience@SeevibesThe social audience of the brand RBC are more likely to interact with the TV show, LPGA Tour Golf (Index 2 507) than with TV show Dr. House (Index29) or Degrassi (Index 25).

Detailed Airings - 04/24/2014 [Access-Prime]17h3018h0018h3019h0019h3020h0020h3021h0021h3022h00TF11259610292114M613116016068BFM9210992104iTl9110524104Use Case: LOral France Volume million de cils So couture | March 12th > May 26th40% of the TV spots have an affinity index higher than 100 with the brand LOralvBeyond The TV Audience@SeevibesUse Case : Practical example: TV Schedulling Top 5 TV Shows (invested during the campaign)ShowChannelAffinity Indexx airing1Gossip GirlHD12651 X2Charmed6Ter2367 X3RevengeTF12001 X4GleeW91625 X5100% MagM61601 XTop 5 TV Show (All)ShowChannelAffinity Indexx airing1Cannes 2014Canal+4000 X2Nouveau look pour une nouvelle vieM62510 X3La Matinale6Ter2090 X450min InsideTF11580 X5BonesM61560 XUse Case: LOral France Volume million de cils So couture | March 12th > May 26th

@Seevibes Maximizing TV dollars with brand affinity data

vBeyond The TV Audience@SeevibesLeveraging Social TV aAudience Data for RetargetingTailored Audience

Profiles are delivered in CSV formatMedia buys can be executed by any parties designated by the clientTV Audience Targeting

BrandAdvertiserAgencyvBeyond The TV Audience@SeevibesvBeyond The TV Audience@Seevibes-Twitter allows now to target Twitter Ids. We can generate lists of users that can be targeted.

Twitter allows now to target Twitter Ids. We can generate lists of users that can be targeted. -Interest-Intents-Affinities-Location -What they follow etc And TV affinitiy and level of engagement to create personas.

Key take aways

@Seevibes Close to 50% of what is being talked about in social media is TV

@Seevibes 2015: smart data is part of key decision making process > more implication of digital specialists

@Seevibes Media planning with absolute numbers & real time smart data > TVbuying more proactive, creative & optimized

@Seevibes Social TV audience preferences > key success driver in social media retargeting

vBeyond The TV Audience@Seevibes@Seevibes +50% of the Canadian population express their interests & preferences on Social Media


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