Why is Digital Content Marketing So Important?

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  1. 1. Why is Digital Content Marketing so Important?
  2. 2. What is digital content marketing? What can it do for my business? Is it worth my time? Is it worth my money? The digital era is upon us and resisting it is like buying a rotary phone over a brand new iPhone 6. Digital content marketing is so essential today that marketers have largely shifted the conversation from Why digital? to What digital strategy? Digital marketing strategies are todays epicenter of focus and investment. The facts and figures reveal that and the process of expansion inspires it.
  3. 3. Digital Content Marketing is important because it is effective and it is effective for the following essential reasons Exposure Email. Text. Follow. Subscribe. Like. Download. All fit comfortably into our present-day rubric of common online communication and engagement, both at the personal and professional level. Digital content marketing gives you access to the kind of wide-ranging, on-target, multi-dimensional exposure you crave but cant find in a traditional print program. THE FACTS
  4. 4. Reach The fact of the matter is, digital can confidently promise a quick and easy million-person reach (provided the content is there) while print lingers in the thousands. The newspapers, magazines, brochures and publications of yesterday were a vital middleman bridge between businesses and their customers, but they confined and restricted channels of communication between the two parties. Digital content marketing effectively cuts out the middleman and establishes a more meaningful, one-to-one system of engagement between businesses and their customers..
  5. 5. Cost Should I buy the $9.99 paperback or the $5.99 Kindle edition? The $12.99 album, or the $9.99 MP3 download? Weve all faced that 21st century dilemma of having to sacrifice the traditional likability of a paperback book for a convenient and cost-friendly digital download. But the strategic basis for adopting a digital content marketing program is truly revealed by its cost effectiveness. Not only are businesses able to distribute digital content for less, customers are more inclined to respond positively to the offer of a cheaper option.
  6. 6. Expansion 64% of Americans own a smartphone. 32% of American adults own an eReader. 87% of American adults use the Internet. The numbers are at first glance seemingly unsurprising given our collective social, professional and informational dependencies on smartphones, eReaders and the power of the Internet. What needs to be noted is that these numbers are not only clearly expanding, but are representative of a business potential for expansion as well. Todays businesses have the unique privilege of undergoing the step-by-step journey through the digital content marketing world by launching a website, starting a Facebook page, developing a mobile eReader app.
  7. 7. The practical and conceptual benefits of introducing your business to the rapidly changing digital era are clear and obvious, but the figures tell a more complicated story. Digital content marketing is not just important because of what it can offer, but because it has so many layers and dimensions. Twitter. Facebook. Tumblr. WordPress. LinkedIn. Slideshare. Android. Apple. Amazon. Todays platforms and delivery systems are amassing and knowing how to reach your audience through a digital content marketing strategy that comprehends when, where and how to navigate the digital age could not be more important. The following figures demonstrate that digital content marketing is full of complexity and diversity with varying levels of emphasis by company and as such understanding the process and its nature is key to making sound decisions. The Figures
  8. 8. Business priorities for 2015 according to a Salesforce survey of marketers New Business Development 27% Quality of Leads 27% Staying up to date with marketing trends 27%
  9. 9. Top 5 areas for increased spending according to a Salesforce survey of marketers Social media advertising Social media marketing Social media engagement Location-based mobile tracking Mobile applications
  10. 10. The significance of email, mobile and social according to a Salesforce survey of marketers 73% of marketers believe email marketing is essential to their business. 71% of marketers believe mobile marketing is essential to their business. 66% of marketers believe social media marketing is essential to their business
  11. 11. CONCLUSION Digital content marketing drives at the heart of what RosettaBrand aspires to do for you. Going digital means taking that essential leap forward in understanding and absorbing the complexities of our socially interconnected e-commerce world. Todays brick-and-mortar businesses are asking themselves a number of questions, some easy some hard, that need answering one way or another. RosettaBrands knowledge and expertise compels it to believe wholeheartedly in digital content marketing, its importance and the role it will continue to play. We see the change occurring in our world and aspire to take you there with us.
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