Why Demand Generation Funnels Are a Limiting Approach

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Text of Why Demand Generation Funnels Are a Limiting Approach

  • Demand Generation funnels are a limiting approach.

    Theres much more action out there and you can tap into it.

    Rick Nendza, VP, IT Deal Alert Qualified Sales Opportunities, TechTarget

    August 2016

  • Glossary

    Total Addressable Market IT buyers consuming relevant content in your market. These searchers havent interacted with your content, so theyre not leads for you. Yet their online research habits suggest that theyre in a buying cycle. Also referred to as an Active Prospect or Active Account.

    In-Market Leads Leads that others in your market captured but you did not.

    Lead Generation The process of stimulating and capturing interest in your product or service to develop sales pipeline using techniques such as those available through TechTargets offerings as described on page 10 and beyond.

    Qualified Sales Opportunity A TechTarget offering, these are detailed reports on upcoming purchases confirmed by a member of the active customer buying team at the active account.

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  • If the following statements ring true, you should probably spend 10 minutes with this deck

    We want to enable our sales team with a chance at every deal in the market

    Were trying to get as much quality into our funnel as we can

    Because demand generation is only as good as the data I have, I worry that Im simply missing much of the market entirely


    Its time to start thinking about a more complete, comprehensive demand generation approach!


  • Are we missing the forest for the trees?

    And is there something we can do about it?

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  • TechTarget

    Our funnels only capture whats already flowing in. Its not a complete picture.


    About your funnel

    Its currently an important part of driving sales outcomes

    Its where your lead generation activities focus

    Its where you measure the quality of both your leads and of your sales/ marketing follow up

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    Even the most sophisticated marketers only capture a fraction of the total leads active in any given market at any point in time.


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    Looking at prospecting, the issue is even bigger: Theres an even bigger group of active searchers in our Total Addressable Market.


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    New data sources and data deliverables can give critical added insight into whats outside of our funnels


  • Conclusion:

    When we step back from our day-to-day heads-down focus on our funnel, suddenly we can see the forest for the trees. Theres a lot were missing and there should be ways we can capture more.

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  • Introducing Intent-data-based Integrated Demand Generation


    3 data deliverables providing you more vision and easier activation


    See more active buyers Makes more of the market of active buyers visible buyers you cant engage with just one marketing tactic

    More intelligence you can use Data points to identify the hottest prospects

    and accelerate deals

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    3 ways to see more, act on whats newly visible, add coverage into your funnel


    Access Points to Reach All Buyers

    Active Prospects Influence and engage those researching the problems you solve

    Lead Generation Build on your initial interaction and advance the buyer/seller relationship

    Qualified Sales Opportunities Use the information about the confirmed upcoming buy to position yourself to win the deal

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    Gain advantage and avoid risk

    Use them together to maximize opportunity

    Benefits of Integration

    Each demand gen element is valuable alone

    Each added element adds market coverage and diversifies your access lifecycle

    Each is prompted by a unique user action, so youre able to follow unique entry points to the account and the deal

    Integrating 2 or all 3 adds complementary, incremental value and lessens the risk of missing out on winnable deals

  • Products for Integrated Demand Generation: Which combination is right for you?

    Benefits Qualified Sales Opportunities

    Lead Generation

    Active Contacts

    Identify in-market purchase researchers

    Leverage purchase intent indicated by online research activity You miss

    Supply sales details describing pain points, installed and considered vendors and more

    You miss You miss

    Receive contacts that interacted with your content You miss You miss

    Expose accounts researching, but not with your content You miss

    Garner a large volume of contacts to nurture You miss


    Surround. Triangulate. Penetrate. Expose individuals, accounts and buyers with 3 distinct offerings


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