Why Content is Important for your Digital Footprint

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Presentation by Warren Knight - delivered at the Content Masterclass in Ravensbourne on 2nd May 2014.


<ul><li> 1. Is your business about Content Marketing? Digital Footprint Warren Knight </li></ul> <p> 2. Its 1989 Warren Knight 3. Warren Knight Tell your story Storytelling Storytelling Storytelling If you cant tell it, you cant sell it 4. Warren Knight Tweet me @wvrknight Connecting 5. Inspiration from the Edge Warren Knight 6. Things have changed 1920s it was all about the PRODUCT 1950s BRANDs ruled 2010s Now its the turn of the CUSTOMER Warren Knight 7. Focus on the customer Mindset Advocate Business Customer Warren Knight 8. Brand me Be a thought leader: Reduce sales cycle Platform Speaking Presentation skills Partnerships Live Engagement Listen 1 thing Warren Knight 9. Whats your message Customer segment Direct To Customer Channel PartnersVs Value proposition Personal Service Added Value Community Financial Return Reciprocal Agreement Database Vs Warren Knight 10. Sexy Big Pants Warren Knight 11. 5 Types of Content Marketing 1. Thought Leadership 2. Brand Publishing 3. Education Content 4. Product Descriptions 5. SEO Warren Knight 12. Stage 1. Know yourself Objectives Goals Brand Identity Key Message Inuencers Warren Knight 13. Stage 2. Customers 6 human needs Solve a problem Unique Certainty GrowthVariety Stimulate Signicance Love Connect Knowledge Share Contribution Warren Knight 14. Stage 3. Know your content Analyse gaps Dene topics Key message User goal Keyword research Warren Knight 15. Stage 4. Have a plan Warren Knight Dene tactics Resource Channels KPIs Set calendar 16. Apply your strategy: Power of sharing content Warren Knight 17. Content is King: Lead generation Content Marketing 34.6% Social Media 24.7% SEO 14.6% Email 10.6% Mobile 9.2% Paid Advertising 6.4% Warren Knight 18. What challengers are you facing? Warren Knight Investment Business Growth Funding Planning &amp; Development Management Leadership Grants: Innovation Personal Branding 19. Warren Knight Warren Knight @wvrknight www.warrenknight.co.uk warren@warrenknight.co.uk 020 8123 3730 How can I help? </p>