Visual Content Marketing Matters in 2014

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In this wide-ranging and insightful presentation laying out the marketing landscape in 2014, Stipso co-founder and chief commercial officer Brian Corcoran explores the importance of visual communications and the rise of visual content marketing as the discipline to watch in the age of inbound marketing and the decline of SEO. Adapted from a presentation given at Material Digital Week in Glasgow, UK on Tuesday 21 January 2014.

Text of Visual Content Marketing Matters in 2014

1. VISUAL CONTENT MATTERS IN 2014 Based on a presentation given in Glasgow, Scotland, Tuesday 21 January 2014 1 2. A QUICK CAVEAT: Advice is a form of nostalgia. Be careful with whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it. Mary Schmich, Chicago Tribune 2 3. OUTLINE 1. HISTORY OF VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS 2. 3. DIGITAL MARKETING TODAY 4. 5. LIKELY FUTURE TRENDS THE RISE OF TOOLS WHERE STIPSO FITS 3 4. ABOUT ME BRIAN CORCORAN Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer Stipso ! 4 5. A (VERY) BRIEF HISTORY OF VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS STORYTELLING THROUGH PICTURES 5 6. ALTAMIRA CAVE PAINTINGS 30,000 YEARS AGO 6 7. LOGOGRAMS Visual symbols representing entire words rather than the sounds that make up the word EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHICS 3,250 years ago HAN CHINESE 2,150 years ago 7 8. MERCATOR PROJECTION 445 YEARS AGO 8 9. GALL-PETERS PROJECTION 159/46 YEARS AGO 9 10. WILLIAM PLAYFAIR FATHER OF MODERN DATA VISUALISATION 1759-1823 INVENTOR OF THE BAR CHART, THE PIE CHART AND THE LINE GRAPH. 1781 10 11. FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE MOTHER OF THE INFOGRAPHIC 1820-1910 POLAR AREA CHART: CAUSES OF MORTALITY DURING THE CRIMEAN WAR 1856 11 12. LONDON UNDERGROUND MAP HARRY BECK, 1933 12 13. THE WEB IN 2014 HUMANS ARE SOCIAL ANIMALS Photo: 13 14. THE (OBVIOUS) SOCIAL WEB 1.16 billion 540 million? 232 million 200 million 100 million 70 million 14 15. THE MOBILE WEB 430 million 150 million ?* * Snapchat dont publish user numbers, but claim their users send 400 million snaps per day more than Facebook. 15 16. MEANWHILE, IN ASIA QZone 623 million QQ (mobile) 712 million Line (mobile) 300 million WeChat (mobile) 600 million RenRen (80% mobile) 200 million 16 17. WHAT DOES ALL OF THIS MEAN FOR MARKETERS? ALL WEB IS SOCIAL. ALL MARKETING MUST BE ALSO. ! MOBILE WEB ITS ALL MOBILE. 17 18. SEO: THE RULES HAVE CHANGED HUMMINGBIRD Context is king Knowledge graph People dont speak in keyword strings Users ask questions Optimise for humans, not search engines. 18 19. CONTENT MARKETING IS THE NEW SEO 1. Original, high-quality content is what wins 2. Content is for people, not robots 3. [not provided] means the age of the keyword is over 4. Link-building is less important, and less successful 5. Black hat is a quick road to Google Hell 6. Authorship is more important for credibility 7. Google+ as social search? 19 20. LIKELY FUTURE TRENDS WHAT WILL BE REWARDED ! WHAT WILL BE PUNISHED 20 21. CREATE VALUE FOR USERS KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. YOU NEED TO BE Useful Informative Entertaining 21 22. DESIGN MATTERS GOOD UX WILL BE REWARDED BAD UX WILL BE PUNISHED MOBILE MATTERS MOBILE-FRIENDLY DESIGN. MOBILE-FIRST? AND RESPONSIVE. 22 23. BE HELPFUL. BE TRANSPARENT. WELCOME TO THE KARMIC WEB. WHERE PEOPLE VOTE WITH THEIR EYEBALLS. 23 24. VISUAL CONTENT IS WHATS NEXT. IMAGES Facebook Pinterest Tumblr Instagram Snapchat VIDEO YouTube Vimeo Vine Instagram Snapchat INFOGRAPHICS Piktochart Infogram Visually Stipso 24 25. DYNAMIC, INTERACTIVE CONTENT. USER-CENTRIC. People arent just viewers anymore. Theyre participants. Players. More engagement means better everything. 25 26. BE GENEROUS. BE CONNECTED. FIND GOOD CONTENT AND SHARE IT. If your content is good enough, people will do the same for you. 26 27. THE RISE OF THE TOOLS WEB WE DONT WORK IN THE OFFICE ANYMORE. WE WORK IN THE CLOUD. 27 28. SOFTWARE-AS-A-SERVICE TOOLS FOR MARKETERS MEASURE OPTIMISE Whats happening on my site? What do I do now that I know? Google Analytics Moz KISSmetrics HubSpot Optimizely Unbounce CREATE From the desktop to the cloud. Finally. Adobe Creative Cloud MailChimp Stipso. 28 29. WHERE STIPSO FITS IN A CREATIVE TOOL FOR VISUAL CONTENT MARKETING. CREATE LIVING INFOGRAPHICS FOR Visual storytelling Audience engagement Consumer feedback Inbound marketing. Conversion. 29 30. 30 31. 31 32. 32 33. 33 34. THESE GUYS USE STIPSO 34 35. INTRIGUED? GET IN TOUCH FOR A FREE TRIAL. SAY HELLO BRIAN@STIPSO.COM @brianc13 35