Vine & Snapchat: Next Generation of Social

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For those that want to reach the next generation of consumers, you ought to be looking at what's going on with vine and snapchat. This is not to say Vine or Snapchat will overtake or replace Facebook and Twitter, but it does indicate what the next generation are looking for in digital marketing.

Text of Vine & Snapchat: Next Generation of Social

  • Owned by Twitter Launched January 24, 2013 Over 40 million users Demographic: Teens & 20-somethings All posts are 6-second looping videos @matt_ashwood Vine
  • @matt_ashwood Vine Discovering Vines @Persons, #Tags, Locations, Channels
  • Brands using Vine: General Electric @matt_ashwood Vine
  • Brands using Vine: Virgin Mobile USA @matt_ashwood Vine
  • Brands using Vine: Taco Bell @matt_ashwood Vine
  • Cross-Platform Use @matt_ashwood Vine Twitter Facebook
  • @matt_ashwood Vine 1. Set up a Vine with your Twitter account 2. Make some 6-second stories on Vine 3. Tell the cool kids on Twitter about your Vines 4. Watch the cool kids tell their friends about how cool you are 5. Now you are cool How to be cool with Vine
  • 8 million users worldwide 70% of user are women Demographic: 13-25 year olds 700+ million Snaps Sent / Day 500 million Stories Viewed / Day @matt_ashwood Snapchat
  • What is a Snap? @matt_ashwood Snapchat A Snap is a customizable photo or video lasting up to 10 seconds. The image automatically disappears when the recipient has viewed it.
  • @matt_ashwood Snapchat Brands using Snapchat: Taco Bell
  • @matt_ashwood Snapchat Brands using Snapchat: Sports Franchises eagles bucksdotcom
  • @matt_ashwood Snapchat How to be cool with Snapchat 1. Set up a Snapchat account with a good password 2. Tell all the cool kids you are now on snapchat 3. Send a few snaps to said cool kids 4. Watch the cool kids tell their friends about the snaps you sent 5. Now you are cool
  • @matt_ashwood More Video Content Shorter-length Videos What do the public want? Visual Content Personalized Content Respect for Privacy I believe the popularity of these two apps among younger generations indicates the future of successful marketing
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