Using Funnels to Succeed at B2B Advertising

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  1. 1. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Using Funnels to Succeed at B2B Advertising Optimizing the Paid Search Conversion Funnel
  2. 2. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Who Is This Guy? Managing Partner Clix Marketing Digital Advertising Geek Emphasis on Geek Prior Sentences Served: Hanapin Marketing Wordstream Writer: Search Engine Watch, ClickZ, Clix Marketing Blog, The SEM Post, Acquisio Blog, PPC Hero Speaker: SMX, SMX Social, SES / ClickZ Live, HeroConf, State of Search, Acquisio User Summit, Bing Ads Connect
  3. 3. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee or put another way, #funnelception What If I Said It Takes a Funnel to Use a Funnel?
  4. 4. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Tracking Foundation Built on Data Targeting Layers Based on Status Creative &Testing MaximizeYour Efforts Report,Take Action & Scale
  5. 5. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Using Funnels to Succeed at B2B Advertising Tracking
  6. 6. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Conversion-Only Tags Analytics Retargeting Dynamic Call Tracking Landing Page Testing Email Marketing Marketing Automation Tracking: Website Pixels Still Not Using a Tag Manager?
  7. 7. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee URL Tagging Calls UTM tags Auto tags (gclid) Custom tags (call tracking, etc.) Choose URL tag nomenclature that allows for granular, segmented data to pass into your advertising, analytics and marketing automation platforms. Tracking: URLs & Calls Call Extensions & Call Only Ads Click-to-call optimization for mobile 3rd party services for detailed call analysis
  8. 8. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Ads across all paid channels were inconsistently or improperly tagged. Cost-per-opportunity (buyer-ready lead status) stagnated at more than 2X the target of $400. Simple fix to URL tags at the end of July allowed data to pass through CRM, provide actionable sales funnel data for the paid channels and fueled optimization to improve cost-per-opportunity. Stats From the Trenches: URL Tags & Data Clarity for Optimization $0.00 $200.00 $400.00 $600.00 $800.00 $1,000.00 $1,200.00 Cost-per-Opportunity
  9. 9. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Call Extensions were in place for Google AdWords & Bing Ads. No other call tracking was installed. Client believed that $100+ cost-per-acquisition was too high. 3rd party call tracking installed in December that provided data on the number of calls from paid channels and passed campaign data for calls into CRM. Overall cost-per-acquisition was shown to be significantly lower than believed, calls were properly attributed to paid channels and future optimizations could be made based on call data in the sales funnel. Stats From the Trenches: Leads Dont Just Happen Online $- $20.00 $40.00 $60.00 $80.00 $100.00 $120.00 $140.00 Sep-14 Oct-14 Nov-14 Dec-14 Jan-15 Feb-15 Cost-per-Acquisition:Online Leads + Phone Calls
  10. 10. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Using Funnels to Succeed at B2B Advertising Targeting
  11. 11. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Search, Display, Social Beware the trap of pushing budget to channels based only on last click attribution. How are you maximizing each channel for the lead stages in the buyer journey or based on your lead scoring system? Targeting: Consider the Paid Channel Mix
  12. 12. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Prospecting Nurturing Generic PPC keywords Placement targeting for display and video Demographic, industry/job, interest and behavior targeting for display, video and social Lookalike audiences based on customers, prospects or leads Targeting: Examples by Sales Funnel Stage Brand PPC keywords Product/service specific PPC keywords Generic and/or competitor PPC keywords Remarketing Lists for Search Advertisers (RLSA) Retargeting for display, video and social Custom audiences for display, video and social
  13. 13. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Using Funnels to Succeed at B2B Advertising Creative & Testing
  14. 14. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee You could send visitors to your landing page. Why not just generate leads with your ad. And only your ad? Tailor the ad message and call-to- action based on the lead status being targeted. Creative & Testing: Lead Generating Ads
  15. 15. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Facebook Ads Lead Ads
  16. 16. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Twitter Ads Lead Generation Cards
  17. 17. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Google AdWords Gmail Sponsored Promotions
  18. 18. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Over a 30 day period, Lead Ads outpaced traditional Newsfeed Ads in regards to conversion rate and cost-per-lead. The form fields within the ad and those on the landing page were identical: Name, Email, Phone Number, Company Name. Stats From the Trenches: Facebook Lead Ads for Buyer Ready Lead Generation Call-to-Action AdType Clicks Cost Leads Cost-per-Lead Conversion Rate Demo Request LeadAds 18579 $ 92,378.54 2543 $ 36.33 13.69% Demo Request Newsfeed Ads 26596 $ 60,719.81 1064 $ 57.07 4.00%
  19. 19. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Video Video as a channel. Video in ad units. Video is powerful and effective. Big, Bold Images Social profiles, social ads, Gmail Sponsored Promotions and many display ad units are a big, visual opportunity to pre-qualify potential leads. Ads That Engage Facebook Carousel Ads, Google Display Network Lightbox Ads and other ad types provide a format for telling a story and engaging with an individual before they click through to your landing pages. Creative & Testing: Pre-Qualify Before the Click
  20. 20. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Using Funnels to Succeed at B2B Advertising Report, Take Action & Scale
  21. 21. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Getting lead source data into marketing automation and tracking through to customer is key. But What other marketing channels influenced that lead? What other ad dollars were spent to push them down the funnel? Sales funnel attribution is the wave of the B2B future! Report, Take Action & Scale: Attribution
  22. 22. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Use lead source data to optimize. Take action. Many ad platforms can marry marketing automation and ad performance data. Spin findings from sales funnel into new targeting within your advertising funnels. #funnelception Report, Take Action & Scale: Data Feedback Loop
  23. 23. #SMX #33C @John_A_Lee Thank You! Questions? @john_a_lee