The Content Marketing Audit

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Discover how to audit your content for more effective distribution.


  • The Content Marketing Audit:!! Cut to the Chase
  • DUDE, WHERES MY CONTENT? ! As content libraries continue to grow larger, content marketers are nding it more dicult to index and organize their content. ! ! ! !
  • Without proper organization, eective content distribution becomes increasingly dicult. ! ! ! HOUSTON, WE HAVE A DISTRIBUTION PROBLEM
  • Once youve performed a content audit and established your guidelines to categorize and curate your content, you can measure and improve your assumptions around eective distribution. ! MAY THE ANALYTICS BE WITH YOU
  • Weve included a list of questions for you to audit your content. ! ! ! ! GO AHEAD, MAKE MY DAY
  • NOBODY PUTS CONTENT IN A CORNER ! ! ! ! Core Content Information ! Where is your content stored? What is its title? What is the intended call to action? What channels used for distribution? Who is the buyer role(s)? What is the expiry of the content? What is the format of the content and on which mediums can it be consumed?
  • BUILD YOUR CONTENT STRUCTURE AND THEY WILL COME. ! ! ! Content Organization and Process ! Is this content mapped against a buyer journey? How is this content aligned to buyer personas you use? Who owns this content, from an editorial point of view? Is this content discoverable via search engines? Does this content map to an existing library of keywords and tags? Can you organize your content in a taxonomy that makes sense for your target user?
  • IM GONNA MAKE HIM AN OFFER HE CANT REFUSE ! ! ! ! Messaging ! Has the content piece expressed a unique vision for a target persona? Is the message clearly articulated? Does the message align to other content pieces? Is one target-role or audience clearly being addressed? Does the content piece address the buyers impact proposition with clarity? Can the content piece be used in more than one buyer journey stage? Is there a call to action for the reader?
  • THE CONTENTS ALIVE! ! ! ! ! Eectiveness ! Is the content piece being used by your audience(s)? Is your audience able to consume your content at their convenience on their choice of device? Is the content piece being recommended/distributed by Sales? Is the content piece improving revenue velocity or conversion rates? Do you know how the content piece performs by content channel? Do you have a dashboard showing most popular content items? g. Have you optimized the content piece with A/B tests?
  • Genwi is used by marketers to distribute information, gathered from multiple sources, to mobile devices in realtime. If you need any help auditing your content, please feel free to contact us. !
  • If you have any questions, feel free to reach out: !


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