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Star Wars is HOT! We have LIght Sabers and Star Wars Characters that double as dispensers, ideal for Star Wars-themed promotions and events. With lead time, our Star Wars pieces will light up the event and the crowds will love 'em!


  • 1. Star Wars Light Sabers for Events! COOL , LIGHT UP WANDS TO FIRE UP THE FANS Star Wars appears on one side of every wand Team logo on the handle or the wand Dispense team stickers or tattoos, corporate sponsor information, coupons, small products samples or candy from the handle.

2. BRAND~LOGO EVENT~TEAM 3. CandyRific is a global company founded in 2000, partner to many world-class brands. We create, customize and manufacture a wide variety of items designed to fit the merchandise marketing goals of each brand we work with. We are trusted by many high-profile international brands to deliver when timing is crucial for each feature film and/or character launch were executing. From a retail standpoint, were prominent in selling into all channels and classes of trade. Our company is particularly strong with all the major mass retailers and drug chains because of our compelling items and history of strong sales. We sell 70,000 pieces a day worldwide, many of them are our fans. We also service most of the major secondary retailers and supermarkets and have some very strong nontraditional outlets as well. Were in most major markets around the world. We have over 800 individual customers and estimate that we are in approximately 150,000 stores in the U.S. alone. Our distribution network continues to thrive and our quality control is second to none. We deliver. Our success in the retail sector translates to our ability to deliver compelling CR branded premiums and promotional items for corporate brands and sports franchises that are sought after by consumers to excite them and create the desired experience- Event marketing pieces that have appeal and make the desired impression for the brand. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. Ellen Kelley ~ Director, CR Branded Premiums ~ 913.488.8798 ~