Springwise Weekly | Flying grilled cheese sandwiches, and the rest of this week's most exciting new business ideas — 17-23 April 2014

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  2. 2. Top 10 business ideas & opportunities for 2014 Weve selected 15 new business ideas that will provide entrepreneurs with plenty of inspiration. Spotted from countries all around the world, these ideas offer a taste of whats to come. YOUR WEEKLY FIX OF ENTREPRENEURIAL IDEAS 17-23 April 2014
  3. 3. Weve seen flying food before in the form of YO! Sushis iTray drone waiter. For food businesses who cant afford such technology however, Jafflechutes is now delivering its grilled cheese sandwiches to street level via parachute. Read more about Jafflechutes 1. Grilled cheese sandwiches delivered from the sky
  4. 4. Smart fitness tracking is one of the leading lights of the wearable tech industry, with consumers already buying products such as Nike+ and FitBit in their droves. However, the field has plenty of space to grow, and weve seen endeavors such as Athos gymwear, which has performance monitoring tech built-in. Now, LA-based startup Focus has developed TRAINR a smartwatch platform that turns the devices into fitness trackers that can detect the type of exercise being performed, as well as offering suggestions for improvement. Read more about TRAINR 2. TRAINR turns smartwatches into a personal fitness trainer
  5. 5. Over the past few years, music speakers have transformed from having one simple purpose to featuring wifi connectivity and integrated subscription streaming services, such as the Sonos. Now taking these features as granted, the Aether Cone is a next-generation conical speaker that instantly offers a different vibe when it is twisted, and uses algorithms to detect users music taste at particular times and locations. Read more about Aether Cone 3. Thinking music speaker changes mood with a twist and learns users tastes
  6. 6. For centuries now, those with neuromuscular disorders have had to rely on the wheelchair to get around and many spend their whole lives seated. In the past weve seen AMS Mekatronics Tek RMD wheelchair add-on make strides to help paraplegic people get up and stand unassisted. Now opting for a much more simple solution, Upsee is a harness that lets parents use their own legs as a support, in order to give their disabled children the sensation of walking. Read more about Upsee 4. Simple device lets motor impaired kids know what its like to walk
  7. 7. Social platforms such as Instagram have brought out the budding photographer in amateurs, and weve already seen Australias 1888 Hotel offer facilities dedicated especially for smartphone snaps. Now South Africas El Burro restaurant has installed a device that enables customers to take professional- style Instagrams of their meals. Read more about El Burro 5. Restaurant lets diners get the perfect lighting for their foodstagrams
  8. 8. Consumers arent good at remembering to put some money towards a good cause, whether its for themselves or for charity. While weve already seen the Acorns app automatically put small change towards an investment portfolio based on user spending, now Brazils Bradesco bank has introduced a credit card that donates a percentage of all payments made to the church. Read more about Bradesco 6. Credit card automatically makes donations to the church
  9. 9. This is part of a series of articles that looks at entrepreneurs hoping to get their ideas off the ground through crowdfunding. At the time of writing, each of these innovations is currently seeking funding. While cyclists are typically free to go anywhere they please on their two wheels, one downside is that theyre limited as to what they can carry with them. In the past, weve seen the Springtime picnic basket, which triples as a bike pannier and table and chair set, but now the Netherlands Fietsklik is a detachable adapter that helps cyclists securely clip even large crates to their bike. Read more about Fietsklik 7. Crate on wheels can clip and lock seamlessly onto bikes
  10. 10. As much as local authorities try to, they arent able to stop every single civic infraction because they only have a limited number of eyes on the street. However, smartphones have already enabled councils to crowdsource details of law breaches, through apps such as Parking Mobility that let users log when a driver is using a disabled parking bay without a licence. Now the ikflitsmee campaign in Belgium has encouraged citizens to send in locations where they believe speeding is a problem in order for the police to invest in safety measures. Read more about ikflitsmee 8. In Belgium, speed camera locations are crowdsourced from citizens
  11. 11. Treatments for illnesses such as cancer or depression are often required to go through a lengthy process before theyre approved for use in hospitals, even if they could potentially benefit patients right now. While in the past Cinderella Therapeutics has aimed to revive promising medicines that failed to make a profit, a new service from the Netherlands called myTomorrows is now enabling patients to fast track the use of drugs that havent yet been fully approved. Read more about myTomorrows 9. Service gives the seriously ill access to innovative treatments still in development
  12. 12. Digital media offers a number of advantages over print and physical information, from easy copying and sharing to more complex archiving and searching capabilities. While weve already seen Outbox enabled consumers to digitize and organize their physical mail online, Mod Notebooks now allow writers to store their handwritten notes and doodles and access them at any time on their mobile device. Read more about Mod Notebooks 10. This paper notebook syncs to the cloud
  13. 13. For consumers, one of the most irritating parts of ordering clothes online is the disappointment if they dont fit, and processing the subsequent returns also provides a headache for businesses. In the past weve seen retailers such as Dicky Ticker offer a unique alternative, enabling customers to get a refund on its t-shirts without returning the shirt. Now Netherlands-based JeansOnline is giving online consumers 15 minutes to try on the clothes they order and instantly return any that dont fit. Read more about JeansOnline 11. Fashion delivery service sees couriers wait to take returns while consumers try on goods
  14. 14. When it come to winter, people feel the cold in different ways some can stand the chill, while others need to have the heating on full blast. CrowdComfort is a crowd reporting tool that helps facility managers discover where they need to deliver more or less heat to satisfy occupants. Read more about CrowdComfort 12. Smart heating tool crowdsources the perfect temperature
  15. 15. Regular readers of Springwise may remember our recent coverage of Canadas World Housing, the company that donates new housing to locations that need them every time a customer purchases a property. Now Naja is aiming to do the same for underwear, providing Colombian women with marketable skills and employs them to help create its luxury products. Read more about Naja 13. Ethical lingerie helps women in South America gain entrepreneurial skills
  16. 16. Platforms such as Kickstarter and Etsy have enabled a whole generation of crafters and creatives to market their unique goods, and weve even seen retail outlets dedicated to only selling work from independent talents in the form of sites like TinyLightbulbs. Now Singapore- based Haystakt is offering a twist on the crowdfunded model, dropping the price of artisanal products for every purchase made after the funding target has been reached. Read more about Haystakt 14. Crowdfunded goods at crowd-determined prices
  17. 17. We recently saw how Japans smart NeutralBOX is enabling homeowners to take advantage of self-storage-style capabilities in their own home through smartphone organization. For those who need to clear a bit of space in their home for a short space of time however, the UKs LOVESPACE will take even just a small box of items off customers hands for as short as one night. Read more about LOVESPACE 15. Micro self-storage will stow single boxes for 24 hours
  18. 18. What is Springwise? Springwise scans the globe for the most promising, unique and innovative business ventures, ideas and concepts that are ready for regional or international adaptation, expansion, partnering, investments or cooperation. Springwise headquarters is in close contact with more than 17,000 Springspotters in over 150 countries worldwide, who provide us with details of the latest innovations in their countries. These are compiled and assessed by our editorial team, and the best examples are published to provide entrepreneurial inspiration to our readers around the world! Springwise publishes a Daily and a Weekly newsletter, to which you can subscribe for free, they are sent to more than 170,000 people. Established in 2002, Springwise is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. 2002-2014 SPRINGWISE FOLLOW SPRINGWISE