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<ol><li> 1. Social Media Marketing | PINTEREST </li><li> 2. Social Media Marketing | VIRTUAL Workshop Series | By VIRTUALVillage Media Session #3: PINTEREST ENGAGE WITH US #VIRTUALWorkshop WEBINAR </li><li> 3. More than one billion monthly active users on Facebook. Over 230 million monthly active users on Twitter. ITS YOUR JOB TO MAKE PEOPLE AWARE OF WHAT YOUR ORGANIZATION CAN OFFER!!! Session #3: PINTEREST </li><li> 4. DEFINITION OF SOCIAL PROSPECTING The art of scouring the social web, identifying potential prospects for your business, and engaging them to draw them to your site and get those potential prospects to your sales team. Session #3: PINTEREST </li><li> 5. Social Media Marketing | VIRTUAL Workshop Series | By VIRTUALVillage Media SOCIAL MEDIA PROSPECTING WORKBOOK ITS BEYOND MONITORING KEYWORDS. Its about engaging people that may or may not know what your business can do for them. The Social Media Prospecting Workbook teaches the fundamentals of how to listen to social media conversations in order to generate leads for your business. Download NOW! Session #3: PINTEREST </li><li> 6. Session #3: PINTEREST WHY PINTEREST? If youve been ignoring Pinterest, youre late. But there is still time to catch upand you should. Pinterest statistics are showing no signs of stopping their upward trend, and smart online publishers will take steps to grab a piece of the Pinterest pie for themselves. Beth Hayden, Copyblogger 70,000,000 USERS </li><li> 7. Session #3: PINTEREST According to Wishpond, 43% of PINTEREST users like to associate with brands, whereas only 24% of Facebook users do. A BizRate study found that 66% of PINTEREST users regularly follow and re-pin retailers. This same report found that only 17% of Facebook users said they rely on Facebook for purchasing inspiration. BizRate also reported that 69% of online consumers who visit PINTEREST have found an item they have purchased, or will purchase, compared to only 40% of online consumers who visit Facebook. Source: MARKETO </li><li> 8. YOUR PROFILE IS YOUR BRAND 1. Username should match your real name or business name. 1. Fill out the About section and give people a brief description of yourself or your business. 2. Include a link to your website 3. Upload a profile photo, preferably a headshot. Session #3: PINTEREST </li><li> 9. Session #3: PINTEREST One of the biggest mistakes marketers make on PINTEREST is to pitch their own business instead of listening to what customers want to see. Provide value, offer compelling content, and educate/entertain 80% of the timeshowcase your product closer to 20%. Ekaterina Walter, Co-Founder and CMO, Branderati CREATING QUALITY CONTENT WITH PINTEREST SELL YOUR VALUE! NOT YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS </li><li> 10. CREATING QUALITY CONTENT WITH PINTEREST EDUCATE | How to Boards, ebook boards, informative articles ENTERTAIN | Use images, quotes, videos to capture and engage EXAMPLE | How others are using your product/service in interesting ways Session #3: PINTEREST DO NOT PITCH! </li><li> 11. CREATING QUALITY CONTENT WITH PINTEREST Session #3: PINTEREST 1. Only pin things that interest your followers and represent your brand 2. Pining visually appealing content catches the attention of more potential followers. 1. Brand images are 23% more likely to be repinned if the image is not of a face. </li><li> 12. CREATING QUALITY CONTENT WITH PINTEREST Session #3: PINTEREST 1. Colorful images are preferred. 2. Red, orange and brown images are 2 times more likely to be repinned than blue images. 3. Images with medium lightness are 20 times more likely to be repinned than dark, mostly black images. </li><li> 13. Session #3: PINTEREST THIS IS HIGH COMPARED TO THE AVERAGE TWEET, WHICH IS ONLY RETWEETED ABOUT 1% OF THE TIME. A PIN IS REPINNED AN AVERAGE OF 10 TIMES. SHARE SHARE SHARE THE MORE YOU SHARE AND PIN TO YOUR BOARDS, THE MORE YOU WILL GET YOUR NAME OUT THERE. </li><li> 14. BUILD AND NURTURE RELATIONSHIPS Develop Primary and Secondary Connects Use Hot-Button Topics to Connect Provide relevant content instead of pushing products and services. Encourage connections to connect with you about their needs, not yours. Continue providing value-added content BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS TAKE TIME!!! Session #3: PINTEREST </li><li> 15. Session #3: PINTEREST BUILDING YOUR AUDIENCE WITH PINTEREST 1. 80% of the pins on Pinterest are repins. Make your content pin worthy. 2. Comment on the most popular pins on the Popular feed 3. Only comment on pins that are relevant to you and your brand. 4. Avoid comments like great pin or nice WARNING: Dont comment on posts more than to or three times a day. PINTEREST will mark you as spam and suspend your account. </li><li> 16. Session #3: PINTEREST BUILDING YOUR AUDIENCE WITH PINTEREST 1. Promote your most popular boards; Place in the top row so potential followers can easily see. 2. Invite followers to contribute to your boards = group boards; Will keep them fresh with content. 1. Contribute to group boards. Group boards live on your brands PINTEREST page and allow multiple users to collaboratively pin on a single board. </li><li> 17. BONUS: HOST A PINTEREST CONTEST Session #3: PINTEREST 1. Require contestants to follow you in order to enter the contest. 2. The better the price, the more followers you can expect to gain. 1. Create a pinnable contest image that includes the following: 1. Logo 2. Call to Action 3. The Words: Contest, Giveaway 4. Contest End Date 5. Prize </li><li> 18. BONUS: HOST A PINTEREST CONTEST Session #3: PINTEREST Its a win-win situation. We discussed Pin to Win contests as a way to gather new followers, but these contests are also a way to keep your Pinterest page full of dynamic content. Heres a Pin to Win contest from ModCloth, which invites followers to create and submit Pinterest boards to inspire ModCloths upcoming wedding campaign. This generated tons of beautiful, relevant content for the ModCloth page. Source: MARKETO </li><li> 19. QUESTIONS / DISCUSSION Nonprofit Commons| TechSoup| By VIRTUALVillage Media Session #3: PINTEREST </li><li> 20. GET YOUR FREE WEBSITE AND DIGITAL MARKETING ASSESSMENT TODAY! Our dedicated team will unravel your marketing process, assess your website and digital marketing efforts and provide a FREE roadmap with an ongoing strategy to push you in the right direction for success. </li><li> 21. Social Media Marketing | VIRTUAL Workshop Series CONTACT INFORMATION: VIRTUALVillage Media, INC Michelle Morton | Faith Aljon President and Founder (301) 850-1740 General Inquiries: </li></ol>