Social Media Marketing Using Instagram and Pinterest

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  2. 2. INSTAGRAM Photos and #hashtags - no links. (Links can be placed in your bio only.) Your profile should contain the information on how to reach you, such as a URL and why people should reach out. Use a few #hashtags in post, then later you can comment on your own post with more #hashtags. Tag fans or friends in pictures or comments to generate more exposure. Instagram is less professional, more social. Posting photos like pets, funny photos, etc. can drive more engagement. Engage with people who comment on your photos. Use photo apps like Diptic, Word Swag, PicFX to improve the quality of you photos or to add information to them.
  3. 3. INSTAGRAM PHOTOS Use photo apps like Diptic, Word Swag, PicFX on your device to improve the quality of you photos or to add information to them. Create images with Photoshop or other photo editors to use on Instagram for larger promotions or photos you can re-use multiple times.
  4. 4. INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS Commenting and liking the posts of others can help grow your follower count. If you follow others with pictures you like or that are related to your business, you can comment and like those pictures. Like-minded people who see them can click on your Instagram name to look at your photos. Try to determine other Instagram topics your potential customers enjoy and comment on those pictures. Encourage employees to follow your account. Search local Instagram posters by searching the name of your neighborhood, city or state and interact with those photos.
  5. 5. PINTEREST No longer just for recipes and DIYers, Pinterest has opened up their site for business-specific accounts. Tell your story. Engage people. Be relatable, and answer the question, "so what?" Build collaboration with your customers by getting them involved they can pin your products to their boards. Make your products and services discoverable by using descriptions and tags. People can set up as a business, or convert personal accounts into business accounts. There are pros and cons to both, so weigh your options. []
  6. 6. PINTEREST FOR BUSINESS You can link your account to your website. (free SEO backlink) Business can group photos into "boards". Create boards on your Pinterest account that relate to keywords for which you would like to rank. Posts can have links to places like eBay, ETSY or store links and product pins can have prices. (add price with $ in description) You can drive traffic to your site with a Pin It button, and create followers with a Follow button. You can also share your pins (like tweets) on your website. Track who is pinning your content, and interact with them and other followers. Engage your audience!
  7. 7. PINTEREST FOR BUSINESS Share your business Pins on your personal Pinterest account. Track who is pinning your content, and interact with them and other followers. Engage your audience! Keep your personal stuff on your personal page. Avoid topics you wouldnt talk about normally at a cocktail party with people you dont know. Topics like politics, religion, race, social biases should be avoided. (unless those are topics related to your business) Keep your business pins about your business or about yourself, employees and customers in a positive, friendly way. Sharing you and your employees doing something fun makes for good posts. Keep it positive!
  8. 8. WHAT CAN I DO NOW? 1. Create Original Content. 2. Completely fill out all profile information for all platforms. 3. Start Engaging Your Customers. 4. Cross Promote In Real Life and Online
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