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<p>Prezentacja programu PowerPoint</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSwww.9jaMentors.comThis workshop has been created to help you better understand social media, provide you with ideas to ensure youre using the right platform, and Outcomes:Understand what Social Media is all about.Recognise common social media platforms.Be able to identify which platform is fit for your business.Aid your knowledge of managing social media outputs.Provide you with tips on planning and starting off.Helping you avoid mistakes.How to increase your business interactions with Social Media.Workshop</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSARE YOU ONwww.9jaMentors.comTHE BIG QUESTION&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;SOCIAL MEDIA?</p> <p></p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS[WIKI] Social mediaarecomputer-mediatedtools that allow people to create, share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos invirtual communitiesandnetworks.</p> <p>[Bottle PR ] Software tools that allow groups to generate content and engage in peer-to-peer conversations and exchange of content (examples are YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, MySpace etc).[Anvil Media] An umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words and pictures. @leifkendall Definition of social media: Media that allows discussion and interaction, as opposed to broadcast only</p> <p>What Is Social Media?</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSSource</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS</p> <p>The truth still remains that ever since the emergency of Social Media. Our Lives have changed a great deal especially our COMMUNICATION STYLE.People can now Interact , Share and Express themselves virtually and still get the same feeling and fulfilment as in the real world.Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS</p> <p>People are more CONNECTED now than Ever before in the history of Mankind.Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSwww.9jaMentors.comSocial Media Impact[Business icons Are Now Taking Advantage Such Results]</p> <p>Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSSocial Media Impact[Business icons Are Now Taking Advantage Such Results]</p> <p>Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSSocial Media Impact[Business icons Are Now Taking Advantage Such Results]</p> <p>Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS-Social Media Impact-[Businesses Are Now Taking Advantage Such Results]</p> <p>Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSImpacts on Coca-colas Brand.[Businesses Are Now Taking Advantage Such Results]</p> <p>The campaign increased cokes perception.It increased customers loyalty. Created an online community.It made the consumers owned and personlised their various bottles of coke.It increasesd their Profit .</p> <p>-Social Media Impact-Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS[Businesses Are Now Taking Advantage Such Results]-Social Media Impact-</p> <p>It enhanced interactions among followersIt provide a levelling ground for the voiceless and facelessIt gave the power to the masses.It boasted and minimized electoral rigging.Source OFwww.9jaMentors.comCOURSE MENU:</p> <p></p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSSOCIAL</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS</p> <p>BENEFITSSocial Media5Source Media</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS</p> <p>1.The most important thing about social media is that it allows you to engage your customers in a whole new way. Social media allows you to get personal with your customers and form a bond of trust with them.Interacting with your customersSource Media</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS</p> <p>2. Since there is a new way of communication with your customers. Which is personalized.Customers now have more trust in any brand that are active on SOCIAL MEDIA which will utimately increases in sales of their various products over time.Increase in SalesSource Media</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS</p> <p>3. As a marketer,you dont have to break your pocket inorder to creat your marketpresence.Just a coin is Enough! Increase brand awareness with little to no budgetSource media allows you to receive-Social Media</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSinstant feedback from your4.customers perspective</p> <p>Source Management-Social Media</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSSocial Media helps organisations and bussiness to know and understand WHAT and HOW people percieve and accept their product and service.</p> <p>5.Source Menu:SOCIAL MEDIA</p> <p></p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSAND THEIR USAGE.PLATFORMS-Social Media</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS</p> <p>There are about 52Social Media PlatformsLets review few of them!Source Media</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS</p> <p>Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSMostly Business executivesHas over 332 million registered members.Mostly for B2Bs It is mostly for Corporate individuals.-Linkedin-</p> <p>Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS</p> <p>About 1.39 billion active users monthly.About 700Millions users daily.People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.It is the LARGEST social media platform in the world.Fastest way to increase your business reachIt have very strong demographic</p> <p>-Facebook-Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS284 million monthly active users.About 500 million Tweets Daily.Prompt Response.140 words Only. Customers updatesGenerate Leads -Twitter-Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS-Instagram</p> <p>About 200 Million active users monthly.It hasmore than 20 billion photosIt is the LARGEST social media platform f or Sharing pictures.Fastest way to increase your business reachIt have very strong demographic</p> <p>Source</p> <p>-Blogging</p> <p>Boost Search Engine Optimization.Establish Your Business as an Industry Leader.Connect People to Your BrandCreate Opportunities for Sharing</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSSource</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS-Google Plus</p> <p>About 1Billion active users.About 359 million monthly active users.Its majorly for people 45 to 54 year old age bracket.It also help anyone to increase SEOIt have very strong demographic</p> <p>Source</p> <p>-Youtube</p> <p>About 1billion active visitors monthly.About 100hours are uploadwithin 60 minutes.It is the 3rd Visited Website after google&amp;facebook2nd largest search engineIt is good for tutorials and educating customers</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSSource</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSSource</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS1. </p> <p>Determine your goals.What do you want to get out of your social Web participation? Why are you doing it? --------------------------------Are you trying to generate direct sales? -Are you trying to offer a form of customer service? -Do you want to build relationships with customers and boost loyalty? ------------------------------Your answers to these questions greatly affect the type of content you publish and the activities you participate in on the social Web.Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS2. </p> <p>Evaluate your resources.-Who is going to create your content? -Who is going to maintain your social media accounts? -Who is going to respond to questions and be the face of your business online? -Do you have the technical ability in-house to join the online conversation? -If not, are you willing to learn? -Can you or someone who works with you write well? You need to be sure you have the necessary people in place to execute a social media marketing plan before you start.Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS3. Know your audience.</p> <p>Where does your target audience spend time online? What kind of content and conversations do the audience members get most vocal about? What kind of information do they want from you? What do they dislike? Remember, you're not just pubishing marketing messages on the social Web. You need to find out what your audience wants and needs, so you can provide the kind of content they find useful and interesting. However, you also need to be personable, because they actually want to interact with you.Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS4. Create amazing content.Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS5. INTEGRATE YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS</p> <p>You need to combine both offline and online together inorder to make much impactSource</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS6. CREATE A SCHEDULE.</p> <p>You dont have spend all of your time on yourSocial media platforms.You MUST schedule!Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS8. FOCUS ON QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY.</p> <p>Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS9. GIVE UP CONTROL</p> <p>Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASS10. KEEP LEARNING.</p> <p>Source</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSYOUR QUESTIONSSource</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY CLASSContact me:08137615238Follow us:@9jaMentors #9jaMentorsSource</p> <p>LAGOSSOCIAL MEDIAMASTERY</p>