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The basics of SEO and using inbound marketing to pull in more customers

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2. Custom Website Designs That Convert More Visitors Into Customers Search Engine Optimization Website Content Creation, Pages, Blogs, White Papers Website A-B Split Testing Newsletter Design & Management Logo Design, Email Signatures & Branding Guidelines Social Media Strategy & Implementation What We Do 3. Voodoo Magic Tricking Google or Other Search Engines Rocket Science Instantaneous What Search Engine Optimization Is Not 4. Search Engine Optimization Is Cost Efficient Leads Still Come In Once Done Reaches People Looking For Your Product or Service Takes Some Time Not Instant Results Something You May Not Want To Be An Expert At 5. Increasing The Find Ability Of Your Business Online What Search Engine Optimization Is 6. Over 90% of websites have No SEO 67% of people use Google, 16% Bing, 12% Yahoo If Your Website Is Not Sticky You Will Miss Leads SEO Facts 7. Keywords - Find out what keywords are being used by people searching online. Backlinks - Get links to your website from other credible relative websites, these are like votes in Googles eyes. Measure Results You cannot improve what you do not measure. SEO Basics 8. Identify Keywords Think Like A Customer Check Out Competition Google Keyword Tool How Many Competitors? search allintitle: keyword 9. Google Keyword Tool Example 10. Keyword Competitor Check 11. Places To Use Your Keywords Page Titles & Descriptions Website Content Image Names & Alt Text Tags 12. Backlinks Why They Are Important Google Counts Them As A Vote Or Citation Should Be Related To Your Site The Site With The Most (good) Backlinks Wins 13. Backlinks Where To Get Them Online Niche Directories Comments On Other Blogs Online Press Releases Marketing Articles & Guest Posts Social Media 14. Measuring Results Google Analytics, Statcounter, Clicky Number of Visitors, Keyword Searches, Websites Came From and Bounce Rates SEO Book Toolbar - Rankchecker 15. If You Only Have 10 Minutes! Add a Keyword To Your Site Title Check Back In 2 Weeks 16. Now #1 For Naperville CPA And 18% Sales Increase 17. Our Own Website Traffic 18. House Of Trucks Asado Coffee World Source Fletcher Asset Management Sites without On-Page SEO 19. Groh Works E-light Wizard Healthy Vending Solutions GF Sprague Sites that arent doing it right 20. Community Nurse Go Law Office Numina Group Eastgate Manor Great On-Page SEO 21. Free Monthly Educational Seminars Bruce Jones Joe Roppo Design & Promote 630-995-7109 1952 McDowell Rd Suite 100 Naperville IL 60563 Learn More